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Image search results - "Claus"
Santa Kirby Has Kidnapped Someone!330 viewsOh noes!1 commentskirby123
Mother 3: Strange, Funny & Heartrending848 viewsOkay, I'm sorry for submitting something not relating to Kirby. ^_^;; I promise not to do it much anymore, but this is one piece that I am quite proud of. I made it a month and a half ago, so the way I draw some things have already changed a little, but oh well.

Mother 3 is one of my favorite games. It has driven me in emotionally and artistically. Be it weird, humorous or teeth-grittingly sad, I've enjoyed the experience immensely.
13 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
MOTOR FREE788 viewsI am days late to upload this, but oh well! Today is also my website's 2nd anniversary~ Anyway. I don't like the composition of this one quite as much as the others, but I think the art quality is still on-par. I wanted to include the Magypsies, Fuel, Lighter, Wess, the Pigmasks, and *more* (that's just how jam-packed M3 is!), but alas, I couldn't fit them in.

MOTHER3 *might* be my favorite MOTHER game, but I have this feeling of "you can't have one without the other two".
5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Late Christmas Present1396 viewsYep, this was a christmas present for my friends on DA, well, pretty late, huh...
Better late than sorry, right? Kirby and his friends are trying to spread the Christmas spirit to entire Dreamland! MK doesn´t look very amused though...I think what kind of present he would give...Certainly it isn´t Galaxia...
I´m happy I´m improving on Photoshop.
6 commentsgerugeon
The Miser Kirbys1143 viewsIt's always been a thought in my mind, that it would be neat if there was a guy who ruled the winter realm and a guy that ruled the summer realm. I envisioned them as Kirbys, with the appropriate copy abilities, intially. Then I remembered that had been done long, long ago... like, in the 70's. Hence the title.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Santa Kirby453 viewsMerry Christma y'all2 commentsAkamay
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