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Image search results - "Contest"
Fright-Light4354 viewsThis is my second entry in Bimblesnaff's second Fan-Creation contest. This time, the character is totally original (mostly) and took a lot of thought to both design and plan moves for, so I would guess that it would be a good candidate for voting. I thought about not officially entering another, as I had won the first contest already, but I have reconcidered since this came out so well. This miniboss is based on the Chochin-Obake Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore, and rewards Kirby with the Light Ability.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Mortar - for the create a knight contest871 viewsMortar! You can read about him HERE. Bimblesnaff, please put a link to this on the Knights of the Round Table submitted page! Thanks a ton, Uncle Gobbo!2 commentsTheorizer
Spade Knight613 viewsSpade Knight is my entry for the Knight contest. For details on his attacks, see the page when it has been updated. I did this in Colors! because I really didn't feel like scanning or drawing on paper today. Inspiration for his armor came from Bukiset, Blade Knight, Masher, and Meta Knight, while his weapon is a Monk's Spade. They are Chinese weapons based on the shovels Buddhist Monks carried around in Ancient China.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Whip Knight511 viewsFor the knight contest.
I am new here, but I'll mainly be using the gallery for my contest pics.
Not meant to look aethestic. It's just a scanned, traced, and colored picture.

EDIT: Woohoo!
Whip Knight is #1 in ratings, #2 in nominations, and #2 in the recruit!
3 commentskrackocloud
Shock Knight388 viewsAnother knight contest entry, I suppose.
I actually think that this one looks better than Whip Knight, but since this knight uses a taser, he's not very believable.

Like other contest pictures, these aren't meant to look that great. They are simply scanned, traced, and colored.
Lasso Knight247 viewsI made this thing for the Knight Contest. It took forever to make this peanut shaped cowboy, so please rate.1 commentsKirbyzilla
Cane Knight453 viewsIF Entry by Stewie

Cane was an entry wildly disliked by 'Snaff due to the crescent symbol, which is used by fellow knight Trident. However, based on Cane's bio, he fits more with DL2 than the Meta-Knights (although I feel this was not the creator's intentions), so reusing the moon is no worse than Butch using Axe's skull.
Palette and design from the DL2 knights. Tried to angle the staff moon to look like a cane's crook.
Knuckles Knight1523 viewsMy If Submission. You can read all about him at the "If you could create a Red Knight" Contest. I think he turned out pretty cool!4 commentsKirazy
Scythe Knight838 viewsI know... a little late... but anyways, Bimblesnaff, if you'd please put this picture up on the page, I'd be very greatful! Thanks!5 commentsMeta
Darkness Knight558 viewsPersonally, I found this one was riddled with flaws, but I drew him anyways.3 commentsMeta
Dagger Knight508 viewsIt's Dagger Knight! I obviosly wan't going to draw the "50 daggers" on his belt, but I did draw a few. Also, the creator said he was brown, and teal, so I mixed the two together for his skin color.Meta
Lance Knight723 viewsI thought this guy was 100% perfect. probably my fav so far.3 commentsMeta
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