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Image search results - "Doodle"
SK Doodle426 viewsjust a doodle4 commentsshadowkirby22107
SK mini doodle 2367 viewstitleshadowkirby22107
Zombie Kirby492 viewsLong story made short, a friend let me borrow Marvel Zombies. I had nightmares. I woke up and had to draw something to calm my nerves, but zombies were still on it. Thus this.3 commentsNanabobo
Naptime for the puff heroes576 viewsThis is what happens when I'm bored at school/band. Not the sleeping part, though you can rest assured that happens fairly often enough as well. I ended up doodling Kirby and Gooey sleeping- 'cept in colour.1 commentsNanabobo
Gee, it sure is BORING around here...440 viewsThis was doodled during school. In case you can't tell, I was more than a little bored.Nanabobo
Kirby Ponders440 viewsI doodled this during Digital Media class. It's based off that one pose Kirby goes into during an idle animation in Squeak Squad, where he falls asleep waiting for you and dreams of shortcake, which he then inhales.1 commentsNanabobo
*facepalm*408 viewsBased off an image I took in Brawl. Even though the picture was drawn in school.
1 commentsNanabobo
the past is behind you451 viewsSo, whooo, took too long. D: My attempt was the mimic
tehryu's style, which I really adore. Though, I screwed up at several stages (but learned alot about BBS along the way) and... it just turned into this. Mostly a mess. But it has that chaotic, fun kind of mess feel, so I'll keep it.

First time with Jecra. Hohum.
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
Mirror World Kirby Doodle293 viewsI drew this a week or two ago at school while I was bored. We get around 45 minutes or so every morning to do what we want/need to do, and sometimes I don't save homework for this time. Hah, I'm such a terrible high school student...

Enough rambling about my school work though. I hope it is obvious to you guys that he has the Mirror ability, something that should have been in KATAM. Guess HAL didn't want to do the obvious, even though they randomly brought back Fighter and added the Hands.
Agenda Kirby Doodles592 viewsCollage of doodles of Kirby and others made in school with pencils, pens, high-lighters, anything I had on me. xD Haven't actually put in serious time to draw anything in a long while, and I won't be drawing anytime soon either. : (3 commentstundrarain
Dreamland Bunch308 viewsI get kinda bored in school. So one morning, when I had some free time, I decided to doodle. And this was produced. of them doesn't fit. He never appeared in Dreamland 3.
Biospark216 viewsAn old picture I did when I was trying out my new pencils. Not the best quality I ensure you. >.>
1 commentsFriendOfKirby
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