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Image search results - "Draw"
Neenjaaaa :D412 viewsJust a picture of a Kirby-Version of one of my Naruto characters (Yes, I'm a HUGE Narutard :D). 4 commentsTechnO
Poyo!670 viewsA simple drawing of kirby! ^^4 commentsJaz
Dark matter combo a majigger!807 viewsJust something I drew out of bordom on a car trip.

Im preety proud of it.

Just so yall know. I dont use a tablet or whatever its called to draw. Heck. I dont even know what a tablet is any way.

(Random Kirby Trivia)
Did you know that in the Japanese Kirby animes intro, king Dededes head turns all the way arround.
14 commentsNuclear Kirby
Shrouded in Darkness2352 viewsOld pic.
I consider Drawcia and the Para Matters to be a type of Dark Matter.

and the small ones with claws and a helmet are of my original design, called Soldier Matter.
19 commentsMinon
Meta-Knight Tutorial961 viewsA how-to-draw tutorial requested by Darkknight.


I usually don't do requests but... I'm a sucker for a tutorial.
I suggest everyone go read Ivyna's tutorial as well, because it's so much better than mine. D:
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Not Quick Enough3230 viewsKing Dedede defeating Kirby in the Samurai Kirby minigame, "Quick Draw" of Nightmare in Dreamland. I always preferred this minigame over others and the original Quick Draw because all the characters are portrayed in traditional Japanese clothing, in a reflex-testing adrenallin rush! Drawn in pencil, colored in colored pencil, inked in painted black ink.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
++ Masterpiece's Soul ++1334 viewsA simple airbush work also made while I was at the sea side this year .
I love the final battle with Drawcia <3
10 commentsSoraMito
Drawcia1048 viewsIt's Drawcia!2 commentsMitaKnight
Drawcia!635 viewseeeee I'm such a Canvas Curse fan :']

I'm gonna just upload my newest things here because I am too lazy to upload them all here , My older fanarts are on my Sheezy page, It's linked in my profile.
Hope you guys like it <:
1 commentsTeionu
Drawcia's Soul834 viewsBlob of colorful awesomeness yes
Check out my other/older things at
my SheezyArt.
3 commentsTeionu
Meta Knight Sketch382 viewsI like Meta Knight and I was on a sketch kick for a while...XD
I like Meta knight a lot...
2 commentsMetaLeonidas
MetaIke376 viewsXD Ike and Meta Knight are my favorite characters in brawl so I made a love child, this is kinda bad but isn't it just hilarious???1 commentsMetaLeonidas
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