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Image search results - "E3"
Sunset-gazing899 viewsThis is based on both the ending on "The Revenge of Metaknight" (but no spoilers) and the E3 Brawl trailer. Obviously, used MS Paint to do this. I hope you all like it.13 commentsFrozen_star
Kirby's Epic Yarn1961 viewsWell, this is it! We finally got a Kirby Wii after 5 long years of waiting! 8D

So naturally, I had to do some fanart. xD The artistic style of Kirby's Epic Yarn is so interesting. Even more so than Kirby's Dream Land 3's crayon style. The idea of using yarn makes me wonder what the plotline of the game will be like. C:

I'm glad I got the textures the way I wanted them to be! :D
6 commentstorkirby
"Epic"1865 viewsQuick comic I did in celebration. I swear, the game looks great, but really, Nintendo? Really??11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
My own picture scares me439 viewswhy? because I drew this 2 months prior to E3!
kirby or a yarn based game? Nintendo could'nt make up their mind so they chose both XDDDD
I don't really care if you don't believe I drew this before Epic yarn was announced,
because I know I did o_o.
if I did upload this before E3 it would be a huge shock for the site =P

what I've learnt: I'm half psychic
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