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Image search results - "Friends"
Rick, Coo, and Kine697 viewsI had this picture for a while now, dunno why I hadn't submitted it here yet.

I've been playing Kirby's Dream Land 2 again and remembered how great a game it was.

And this was my first time drawing them.
1 commentstorkirby
Furry Friend, Bloated Burden787 viewsSpunt the Dino doesn't really get how the whole "ride a friend" concept. Of course, he's not awake long enough to be told anything.

I don't know why I made a picture of the Ometon, Kiki the Raccoon, Spunt the Dino, and Squeaky the Bogg. That's right, not Pon the Tanuki. Kiki the Raccoon. My brother had that fan Animal Friend made long before Dream Land 3 even came out.
I... don't remember what color its shoes were suppose to be. I've only seen it in B&W.
1 commentsBimblesnaff
KRR Gallery Hina-Matsuri5510 views~Row I: The Shogun~
Bimblesnaff (Shibaraku SqueakyBogg), Ometon (Gallery Shogun)

~Row II: The Daimyo~
Dedede-Daimyo (Me), AnimeKittyCafe (Lei), Minon (KCCh), aru (Elviey)

~Row III: 1st Bushi~
ShadowtheSheKirby, RedMetaKnightess, A Kirby and his Cheese, Shruggin’ Rock, Airride_Master, Kirby-4-ever

~Row IV: 2nd Bushi~
torkirby, the burning orange, gerugeon, Kiroscarby, Wondercrow, Kirazy, superyoshi888

~Row V: 3rd Bushi~
Junotoad, RWMVG1DC, gigarob_93, Theorizer, XOXOMeta_Knight, GBAKirbster2007, Qtie4U

~Row VI: 4th Bushi~
Ivyna J Spyder, imakuni, Fushidane, SoraMito, EyeofCalamity, bobbook, Fairy Red, Dal, Phredryk, Adol

Today (3/3/09) is Hina-Matsuri: Girl’s Day in Japan. Let’s celebrate with this display of dolls of new and old KRR Gallery Members! We’re all princesses now. If anyone has questions about the holiday or their avatar, I welcome all comments. Have fun~ ^_^
(Meant to be viewed right to left)-(Sorry if I forgot anyone- I just ran out of room!)-(Felt-tip markers and India ink used.)
42 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirby and his Kast of Thousands!!2083 viewsKirby and some of the characters from his games! Not all... but most/some!10 commentsKirazy
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth1357 viewsThat's how much I think our friendship is worth.7 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kirby's Friends / Miniboss Tower / Boss Butch2234 viewsA vertical triptych of photographs. First is an arrangement of sculptures parodying the famous title screen pic of Kirby's Dreamland 3, also seen on Kindar's humongous front-page post. Second is a literal tower of Mini/Mid/Sub Bosses: 3 on the left appear only (in this series) in KDL2, 3 on the right appear only in KDL3, and 3 in the center appear in both games. Third and finally is the ever-present boss-battle montage pic. Much like the series finally 'Photo Shoot', except now Dedede gets his turn at the 'camera'. Thanks, everyone, for viewing my effort-full Kirby clay sculptures! As the staff-roll of Kirby's Super Star says, “And More~!” Look for much more of my artwork here in the future :)3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Essence of Star Stacker4198 views15th in my “Essence of” series. This is a combo-picture. Kirby's Star Stacker for the Game Boy and the Japan-only Kirby's Sparkling Kids for Super Famicom were two of the same puzzle games in the series. The goal is to stack falling blocks in sequence, and pin Star-Blocks in-between matching Animal Friend-Blocks, in order to eliminate them, similar to PuyoPuyo and/or Kirby's Avalanch. While you're stacking, the two characters duke-it-out in the center! Both games go by the title “Kaabii no Kirakira Kizzu” in Japan, as the latter is just a suped-up version of the former. The story introduces Mr. Star, who gets shot out of the sky by King Dedede. He lands on Kirby, who agrees to help the star reclaim his scattered pieces, with the help of Rick, Kine, and Coo. Many characters return from other games, to my enjoyment; newly introduced are Tic-Tock Jr., the Queen of Star Stacking, Grill, and her onion-underlings. With all this, Kirby's Sparkling Kids is actually one of my favorites in the whole series (despite the fact that I've never even played it)! Whaha... I will let my art speak for itself~!13 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirby Dreamland 3 Ability Scroll1526 viewsI wanted to make a quick reference of the abilities.
Apologies if some of them are unclear.

Full view looks better. Drawn in Photoshop.
10 commentsAdol
Red Reign Battle1085 viewsA mighty clash with the uncaptured "champions" of Pop Star against the nefarious Regis Red and his extra-dimensional lackeys. Many familiar faces, many not. The diamond 'dorned dominant center is the crux of Dream Lands woes. Squeaky Bogg and Ometon aren't fighting him alone, however. Trident Knight, Waddle Dee & Doo, Mumbies, Marx, Rick, Kine, Coo, and even Samus join the fray along with others. Too many to name.
Color pencil, ink, some PhotoShop.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
Together is Better388 viewsOmg! I did the unthinkable!!! I... Gave... Nago... SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot he didn't have Its okay, he doesn't hate me. Other than that, I think this turned out well... ^w^ Also look in the background~ * For full cuteness, Try full view.*2 commentsAero
May Flowers692 viewsMy frontpic entry. I drew Hibanamodoki, Kamuribana, and... Tulip.
You know, april showers bring May flowers? Der.
I left out Kogoesou, cuz nobody likes Kogoesou.
3 commentsKirazy
Stars Wings group 1269 viewsthe stars wings is a group of winged, female, warriors based on me and my friends in Kirby form (the yellow one is me!). this are four of eight of them. im trying to think of character names for them, but no luck.Knightgirl
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