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Image search results - "Grass"
Kirby Under the Stars1718 viewsThis picture was inspired by the beginning scene Kirby 64. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.24 commentsPink Power
Kirby and rick (redone)857 viewssrry for the ''reupload'' its because I found rick's fur not well rendered so I fixed it.... ok ahem! So here's my 4ht 3D kirby related character : Rick the Hamsta!!7 commentsmico27
My Ultimate Pokemon Roster688 viewsYeah, no Kirby stuff, but that's because I've been putting all of my energy into finishing this. XD;;;

All of my favorite pokemon of every type. All 17 of them.

Poison: Gengar
Normal: Meowth
Psychic: Mew
Fire: Typhlosion
Rock: Aron
Electric: Raichu
Water: Wartortle
Ground: Larvitar
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Jirachi
Ice: Spheal
Flying: Togetic
Bug: Shedinja
Dark: Umbreon
Grass: Jumpluff
Dragon: Gible
Fighting: Riolu
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Waddle Doo in a Field1265 viewsI guess I'll upload this. I wanted the grass a little lighter but I made progress with Waddle Doo's model; I gave him a skeleton so he can pose and learned how to create an eye.7 commentsAdol
Moonlight March896 viewsWell, heres a quickie from the oekaki. This oekaki artwork is pretty much all I'll be showing, cuz my laptop and wacom art tablet are destroyed. It might be a while till they're fixed. Anyways, enjoy!
I kinda tried for a chalkboard feel, and i'm rather satisfied with it!
4 commentsKirazy
Kirby in the grass.859 viewsMarch is coming your way! I figured I make this for march.2 commentsWannabe
kirby holding a star243 viewsi made it because i have mood today i addded special efffects and stuffred kirby
Grass Kirby348 viewsFlavor Text: Kirby is now ROYALTY in the PLANT KINGDOM.

Techniques [[Facing right]]:

B - Leaf Cutter - Kirby sends a leaf flying across the stage at a fast speed, which will keep going until it hits an enemy or vertical wall. If it hits a tilted edge, it will bounce like laser.
BBB - Triple-Cutter - Same as Leaf Cutter, but it sends three, slower leaves.

Dash+B - Vine Whip (Sound familiar?) - A small vine flies out of Kirby's headpiece, whipping the nearest enemy. This can be done repetitively.

Hold+B - Uproot - Grass Kirby raises large roots out of the ground, which act as spikes. This can be done only three times, until you lose the ability.
April 2011 FP submission819 viewsKirby's such a nice guy ^^ I'm sure Bobo would hate to be in the rain, so despite their differences Kirby offered it his big ole' parasol!5 commentsMara
Meta Knight Under a Bonsai405 viewsBackground practice. Meta Knight came later (I don't like the shading on him... T_T ). And the tree is wierd. Yeah.
enjoy :D
5 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Portrait 5 - Rick846 viewsI have already made Pitch's and Kine's portraits, but I'll upload this first. I thought I could finish all of these in half a weekend, but it's taking the whole week.

Anyway, I based this portrait off of the more realistic interpretation of Rick, as you can see in the Dreamland 3 official art gallery on the Rainbow Resort. Maybe I should've done without the feet and tiny paws?
4 commentsAdol
Pokémon Elemental Types as Copy Abilities638 viewsI made the 17 Elemental Types of Pokémon as Copy Abilities for Kirby. Ones left unchanged:
No Copy Ability-Normal
Metal-Steel (Yes, Metal Kirby is made of Rhombicuboctahedra)
New Designs Include:
Water (Fused Anime Water Kirby and KRtDL Water Kirby)
Leaf-Grass (Made Green)
New ones include:
Kirby Rider
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