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Pixel Art - Link n Kirby1584 viewsThis is was supossed to done in Rainbow Resort oekaki but I lost the file ^^; I recovered it in Corel PhotoPaint with screenshot a finished it in MSPaint. (My comp gets frozen, sorry...).
BG done in Corel, Rest Photoshop CS 8.
Hope you like. :3
18 commentsAiky
Twilight tomato - MORE art?882 viewsSorry about not putting anything here for a while, this picture is based on some of the 'Twilight Princess' art, Enjoy!5 commentsSonamus
Kirby Blinking Animation799 viewsUm... Yes. It's just a blinking Kirby, so to speak. Or perhaps he saw something totally shocking.5 commentsTMH
Meta in a far far away world1355 viewsThere are definitive many parallels between MK and Navi.6 commentsDal
Blade Sword and Meta Knight in an even farer away world.1513 viewsPoor Blade, however maybe it´s the dream of every man to awake and suddenly having titts?6 commentsDal
Toon Link Kirby782 viewsA pic I made of kirby using a 'toon shading' technique. Now I'am using Blender: Yeah!1 commentsSir Kirby
Dreamland 3's Top Ten670 viewsDreamland 3's Top Ten: Klinko, Wapod, Apollo, Sasuke, Popon, Polof, Peran, Corori, Pacto, and Nidoo.

First in my series! I remember when my brother (Theorizer) and I used to play this game all the time! (I was always Gooey! =D) I always loved when I ran into these 10 enemies! I will do more of these "Top Tens in Dreamlands", so stay tuned! Next, I'm probably going to do Kirby's Dreamland.
8 commentsMeta
Kopy Abilities --- Beam1655 viewsYowza! Probably my fav so far! I really like how this one came out! Btw, In my opinion, Blink Bat should give Beam. It would be SWEET!
Still remaining on my list are Cupid, Animal, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ice, Magic, Yoyo, Ninja, Parasol, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, Wheel and Wing. And maybe I'll do Mike, Cook, Ball, Balloon, Crash, and Water/Bubble. And then, for my grand finally, I'll have a special surprise waiting!
4 commentsKirazy
Jigglypuff655 viewsA little strip I drew in school.
I know Jigglypuff is supposed to be female but somehow I always call it "he"...
Kopy Abilities --- Parasol1669 viewsOy, these things take so incredibly long to do. :S
Anyhoo, next, I decided to do parasol. I've always liked parasol. I like abilties that slightly skew the way Kirby plays.
Enough babble, enjoy! :D
11 commentsKirazy
Fierce Diety Kirby418 viewsThis Kirby was a requested drawing. I really don't know what ability is 'Fierce Diety', but I googled it and found this. So I drew it.1 commentsGalactic Knight 09
Kirby and Green1026 viewswishes he had the sword ability right now1 commentsJAMESGHOST
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