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Image search results - "Mace"
KCCh - Knight/Mace1599 viewsOne of the new abilities for the KCCh fangame project.
This ability can be copied via Mace Knights.

I prefer to call it Mace, but one of my team members insist we call it Knight.
It does have a defensive bonus along with lowered mobility, but...
6 commentsMinon
KCCh Allstar Intro *FULLY COLORED*2889 viewsTHATS RIGHT, ITS DONE! Well, kinda... ^^;
It still needs a ton of shading, but Mamthew and I will get to that as the time becomes available. Regardless, here is (most of) the cast of Kirby Cosmic Chaos, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Credit goes to Minon for the original Lineart and a majority of the new characters.
23 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Goro class Verdans(designs by Minon)1019 viewsThe Goro class is made up of the Heavy hitters of the Verdan army. Compared to other Verdans, and even Emperor Neo himself, they are gigantic. They're slower than the others, but they are much tougher and far more powerful. Their lack of armor is extremely deceiving, since their skin is harder than most other creatures, and their bulky size isn't from fat, its almost entirely muscle.
Male Goros weild a Mace, which they can swing around and throw with ease, while Female Goros smash foes with powerful blows via Hammer.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Halberd Crew1430 viewsI did this one entirely by myself and am quite proud of it. ^-^
The Keke with the blue hair is Clara, who is hired to be the Halberd Crew's Head Nurse. She tends to be a tad annoying, especially to Meta Knight himself, since she gives almost EVERYONE nicknames, but she works hard.
and the Waddle Dee at the bottom is Watts(made by Minon), who is hired to be the Halberd Crew's Chief Mechanic. Appears to be lazy most of the time, but when he actually gets to work his expert craftsmanship is undeniable.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
DEFEND1707 viewsA colored in sketch. Simirror and Mace Knight blocking off some powerful blast of some sort, providing cover for a White Keke.

White Keke is the helper for the Heal Ability, thought out and made for KCCh
2 commentsMinon
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