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Image search results - "Mr."
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright1840 viewsPicture drawn on the KRR Oekaki29 commentskindarspirit
Mr. frosty's ice cube1389 viewsIf you think about it, so many of the things Kirby puts in his mouth are gross. I tried to draw Smirror. I failed.3 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Mr. Frosty model777 viewsThat's right, its Mister "booty shaking" Frosty. XD
He's the first miniboss you'll run into in KCCh, and the first one any of us have attempted modeling as well. I really surprised myself with this one. o,o;
Course, Minon had to tweak it a bit, but I didn't have to do any major readjustments like with some of my other model attempts... *glares at Chilly* You're a SNOWMAN! How come you were harder to model than Mr. Frosty?! @,@
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
BWAHAHA!596 viewsMaybe they saw a silly thing at PopStar and they are laughing at it. O3o1 commentssilverlunar777
Kirby's Dreamland Top 10!686 viewsAnd the awards go to ... Blopper, Dizzy, Chuckie, Kookler, Mr. P. Umpkin, Wizzer, Puff, Koozer, Benny and Two Face!

You have no idea how long this style took to do, making each pixel, then overlapping it... yeah, it was kinda hard. I love these enemies alot though, so it was worth it!
3 commentsMeta
Kirby and His Kast of Thousands - 2!!1658 viewsThat's right! #2! This one features the bosses from The Dark Matter Trilogy, with a new-ish style!7 commentsKirazy
A strange meeting526 viewsA Mr.Saturn talking to Kirby.

..And Kirby can't understand a thing. Bless.
5 commentsChibi-Pop
URFBOWND898 viewsARGH! I SWEAR I will get back to making Kirby-themed art soon! It's just that I've been sick for a little while (not Swine Flu) and only just now got back into the drawing loop. I have been drawing MOTHER stuff for the series upcoming 20th anniversary this month, which is approaching July 27th. Oh yeah, and this may stand out as the first bit of trad art I've uploaded here, eh? Truth be told I do more of this stuff than I do digital! I'm actually more comftorable with trad art, I just don't upload it.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Eclipse1043 viewsMr. Bright and Mr. Shine (weird saying it in that order) unite for the most awesome attack known throughout all of Pop Star, the devastating Eclipse!

Just testing out some water color pencils, which needed heavy digital doctoring.
4 commentsBimblesnaff
Mr. Klavier848 viewsMy If-entry for Oversized Opponent!
You can see more information by the contest.
I actually wanted to 'color' the two last pictures black-white, but I ended up with coloring it. It's pretty easy made.
I hope you like it!
1 commentsQtie4U
Mr. Bright330 viewsIt's the sun i was going to make mr. shine but i couldn't make his hands right.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Kopy Abilities --- Ice1686 views'Been too long. These Kopy Abilities are just so time consuming. Whatever. I think this one turned out fantastically. One of my best. Jam packed with 20, count 'em 20 poses! Only equal to my epic "Paint" Kopy Ability!
Still on the list: Cupid, Animal, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ninja, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, Wheel and Wing. And maybe I'll do Cook, Ball, Balloon, and Crash.
Enjoy, and be sure to search for the Blank Spot!
10 commentsKirazy
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