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Image search results - "abilities"
Sword Kirby614 viewsI'm going to draw every ability Kirby has every copied. That's why one of my albums is labed "Copy Abilities XD. This was made on MS Paint as well as all the rest will be. First is... sword!
Wait, why does everyone do sword first?
4 commentsKirbyang
Ball Kirby653 viewsKirby was very easy to make, but I strained over the letters until I was satisfied (BTW the colors are based on the hat). When I finished and stood back and looked at it I was happy, but it's a little small. Well really, what more can you do with Ball Kirby? Try to guess what the next ability will be!5 commentsKirbyang
Emo Cutter Kirby!1009 viewsAlright, I know that cutter kirby already exists, but now he cuts himself rather than enemies!!! :D
Maybe someday this will be a real kirby ability! (although I highly doubt it).
Anyways if people like it I'll make more hilarious kirby abilities!

Note: This is just a joke, I'm not trying to offend emos/cutters.
8 commentsShyGuy
Marker Kirby988 viewsWaddle dees fear at the sight of marker kirby! What's great about this ability as that you can have it too (although results may vary).
Note: I had to draw the mirror or else it would look like the marker drawn face was kirbys real face.
10 commentsShyGuy
Goomba Kirby877 viewsThis is what happens if Kirby swallows a Goomba.11 commentsShyGuy
Twili Kirby403 viewsI did this in Paint last year, and it turned out better than I thought it would. This is Kirby in the Twilight Realm.2 commentsKinu DeMir
Rolly the Rolling Turtle4340 viewsThis is how Rolling Turtle from Kirby's Adventure would function as one of Kirby's Animal Friends. To see his whole bio, check the "If You Could..." Fan-Submitted Animal Friends portion of the site. Drawn in pencil, colored in colored pencil, inked in ink-pen and permanent marker.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Copy Abilities from KSSU627 viewsThese are ALL of Kirby's abilities from the best Kirby game ever: Super Star Ultra! Please comment on this.3 commentsExplosive Kirby
Final Boss Kirbies 2618 viewsA continuation of my previous work.And yes, I know.Some of these are not FINAL BOSSES.5 commentskirby123
Final Boss Kirbies 1855 viewsThis was fun to draw.I hope you enjoy it!(The reason I drew Nightmare in ball form is that Kirby would look horrible as Final Form Nightmare)13 commentskirby123
4 New Abilities609 viewsKirby stars in 4 new abilites I made up. I hope you like them! Please tell me what you think!
I will be making seperate art of each, including the helpers, and some of the moves.
1 commentsTheorizer
Dark Matter Abilities455 viewsWhat would happen if Dark Matter could copy abilities? He'd probably copy abilities by locking his eye on an enemy.3 commentskirby123
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