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Splash Kirby509 viewsMy second ability re-design is of the glitch ability Splash, which has so far only been in Kirby's Adventure(and it seems it will stay that way). He wears the hat of the mythical Kappa, a creature who lives by water and can be nasty or nice. Like how the Kappa will die if it loses all of the water in its bowl-shapped head, Kirby will lose the ability if he uses an attack that dumps all of the water out.

Attack picture will come later. Intended color was sea green, but I didn't have a pencil of it.
5 commentssuperyoshi888
Splash Kirby Attacks555 viewsI finally got the chance to upload this! Like before, the attacks are based on the controls of KSSU.

B: Splash- A short, weak Splash that hits many times.
B While Running: Water Slide- Kirby slides across the ground on water, carrying enemies with him.
Running + Jump: Water Spiral- Kirby spins water around him very quickly.
X While Running: Kappa Wave- Kirby dumps all of his water out in one highly damaging attack.
8 commentssuperyoshi888
Dark Star Kirby417 viewsI'm not sure if this counts as being a "redesigned" ability because of the differences between this and the star rod(which is a final weapon, so some might not think of it as an ability), but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I tried to make the gold band around Kirby's head look tarnished. Did I succeed?

That weapon he wields in his left hand(similar to beam and mirror) is the Dark Star Rod.(not the most original thing, I know.) I based the design of Paper Mario's Star Rod rather than Kirby's.
1 commentssuperyoshi888
Bug Kirby500 viewsBug Kirby, my third ability redesign. But what is it exactly a redesign of? Well, of the "Snare" ability combo from Kirby 64. Since Suplex/Backdrop has been replaced by Throw in Kirby's newer games(Not SSU, but that is a remake), I decided to add in some bug-like elements to give poor Buggzy a new ability.

Also, if you look closely, I used a darker pink for Kirby's shoes and cheeks rather than red. I did this because I already used ruby and red on the main design. Oh, and Happy New Year!

EDIT: This looks really sloppy when I look back at it. Hopefully my next drawing won't look as bad.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Kinetic Kirby IF Submission742 viewsKirby gets this ability from Magical Sweeper, that spinning disk thing you encounter on the Halberd and in the Great Cave in Super Star and Super Star Ultra.

I'm not actually sure if the enemy is called Magical Sweeper. It is called that on the Super Star page, but elsewhere I found another name for it. I went with this name because I found it here.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Ribbon and Kirby307 viewsRibbon and Kirby in the positions they fight 02 in. pogman
Ultra Sword Kirby440 viewsUnfortunately, his sword does not stay upright though.1 commentspogman
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