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Image search results - "ace"
Kirby Spaceship1088 viewsKirby in a spaceship.12 commentsAnimalCrosser5
Kirby Spaceship1309 viewsKirby in a spaceship.23 commentsAnimalCrosser5
Ice Kirby949 viewsAn Ice Kirby fan art that I did. I scanned it and I've put color on it too! It were difficult but I've passed through anyway!13 commentsBuligete
KCCh - Knight/Mace1578 viewsOne of the new abilities for the KCCh fangame project.
This ability can be copied via Mace Knights.

I prefer to call it Mace, but one of my team members insist we call it Knight.
It does have a defensive bonus along with lowered mobility, but...
6 commentsMinon
Wheelie Race1296 viewsMeta Knight's in the lead with his souped up Wheelie, but Kirby's catching up - and he's quite happy about it!

The Wheelie in the foreground gave me a lot of trouble.
15 commentsDynablade
SSBB - Caption 'Meta Knight'1250 views...And so, the epic story of the SubSpace Emissary begins...16 commentssilverlunar777
Meta Knight Trying to Cut Kirby1202 views<(^_^)>17 commentsNCStudios
Cat Kirby727 views53 frames3 commentsNCStudios
Kirby Faces845 viewsPoyo?7 commentsNCStudios
Whispy from Kirby's Dreamland Three844 viewsSprites6 commentsNCStudios
Paper Mario Styled Kirby766 views<('_')>3 commentsNCStudios
Tenrils of Space642 viewsFirst oekaki on the KRR oekaki board. n_n;
I abused dodge and burn extensively. ;_; I'm sorry. This is what happens when you're deprived of oekaki and photoshop tools for six months...

(the background was random, I have NO IDEA what I was thinkin XD)
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
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