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Image search results - "adeliene"
Artfully Feast358 viewsI love that scene with Kirby starving and he pictures everyone as food. :3 The Adeliene (or Adeleine?) saves the day, yay!Pikmingirl
Kopy Abilities --- Paint1963 viewsPaint! An ability shrouded with mystery, and you never really get a good look-see at it. Paint has always filled me with intrigue of seeing it as a true ability, so I've always been a fan of Paint.
And this picture's packed with 21 different poses! This one took SOOO long to do, but boy, did I have fun! Guest appearances from Ado, Adeleine, Heavy Lobster, andPaint Roller, along with the semi-usual Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt. This pic is dedicated to Dedede Daimyo's hard work on his Hina-Matsuri! I like the colors in this pic alot! And don't forget to look for the secret "Blank Spot"!

And thanks SOO much for the Double Artist Showcase spot! I really apreciate it!
12 commentsKirazy
Characters: Adeliene and Dee 253 viewsThe other two main protagonists in my fan game. Adeliene and a waddle dee named Dee.
Dee in my fan game is a spellcaster and a long-time friend of Kirby.
Sorry I kinda made Adeleine too fat *-_-
Discovery678 viewsFrom the 'kaki. Quick pic.2 commentsKirazy
K64 Female Trio1005 viewsWanted to try using an ink pen for the majority of the pic this time. That and also draw Adeliene since I rarely ever do.

Although me posting here in general's kinda rare as of late.
4 commentsMinon
Paint Power384 viewsHere's Paint! Paint is a one use ability that is similar to Crash. Once you use it, Kirby will go to the middle of the screen and get a Paint bucket and a backwards hat. He will lift a paintbrush and paint splatters on the screen and all enimies will die. If you use it on Heavy Lobster, it will blind him, and if you use it on Chameleo Arm, he becomes visible. This ability is only in KSS and KSSU. Wow, that was long.4 commentsAero
Kirby and Adeliene sprites 398 viewsYa, I thought maybe a pixel style would be cool to try... So here are my experiments!
Kirby sprites and a face sprite and Adeliene sprites and a face. Maybe I'll upload other pixel
art later.
King Dedede's Joke479 viewsKing Dedede makes an attempt at a visual pun, but it doesn't go over too well...

This is the kind of thing I draw when I've had too much caffeine and not enough sleep.
1 commentsHoneonna
Aqua Star Beach758 viewsThis really just started with a Cha Cha doodle while playing Kirby 64. 2 commentsAero
Adeleine245 viewsAn artist drawing an artist... I'd better not draw Adeleine drawing Drawcia drawing Paint Roller, I might start an infinite loop...Honeonna
Adeleine?315 viewsRemember that cutscene in Kirby 64 right before you fight Adeleine? It scares the poo outta me.

It also inspired this drawing >:)
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