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Kirby with Candy1113 viewsYum Yum16 commentsAnimalCrosser5
Morning In Dreamland1440 viewsRandom 3D stuff34 commentsdonkeyDude
A lot of them!1381 viewsAnother one!

This time I managed to draw a better background, so I didn't have to blur it. Waddle Doo looks a lot cuter in this pic I think. Still have no idea what the font should be, help me out...
15 commentsStarDust
Crash Bandicoot Kirby1064 viewsI always wondered How Kirby would Looks like
If he Swallowed That Orange Bandicoot........
10 commentsKimmot92
deutsch846 viewsDoes anybody speak German?17 commentsWaddle Dee
Yay! Candy.382 viewsThis is my first time on photoshop. I hope it turns out okay and not blurry.4 commentsOniKabii
Kirby says hi624 viewsthis is a stick man saying hi to Kirby....yup very boring...I can't upload any other picture but this for some darn reason.....TELL ME HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES BECAUSE I GOT AWESOME DRAWINGS!!! that's all I'm asking :*(11 commentsImagikid
Kracko bonus stage 21497 viewsI chose Rick to deliver the punch line. I'm not sure why. I am pleased with how the bomb hat turned out.4 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Kracko bonus stage 11555 viewsI noticed Kirby just bounces when he gets hit by food. Shouldn't it be more messy?5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Flick the Game Boy Carefully1623 viewsThis has never happened to me, but I'm sure it will eventually. The character playing the game is Kotaro. He's one of my characters. He was only used so I could have someone playing the game. Kotaro is also the way I draw myself. The hand in the first panel took a long time.5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
KirbyWithSword776 viewsHow could Meta Knight let this happen?!6 commentsobachuka2
Metaknight - Red Sands425 viewsThis picture was created out of a desire to try something different. It was drawn and shaded with a 0.7 mechanical pencil, and blurred with a paper stump and tissue. I'm extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

This particular background is actually from memory; I've been to this place once, and this picture does not do it justice.

Please leave comments, I wish to develop my art skills further, and I need input to do so! If you see something wrong, please tell me!
3 commentsDark Angel
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