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Image search results - "ando"
Ready for Autumn!381 viewsThis was drawn a long time ago...but I want autumn to come again >:O1 commentsAndoSan
Take me Away372 viewsDrawn a while ago.

The song name is wrong. It's "Take me Away" by 4 Strings.

1 commentsAndoSan
Angel Kirby491 viewsVery recent. xD It was fun to do!4 commentsAndoSan
Random Kirby1103 viewsDrew this the day after Nintendo E3. It's supposed to look like the Kirby on the boxart of KSSU.2 commentstorkirby
Random Kirby's-- Whispy Kirby553 viewsFirst in my Random Kirby's series, Whispy Kirby.4 commentsKirbyzilla
Random Kirby's-- Meta Kirby486 viewsSecond in my Random Kirby's series, Meta Kirby.1 commentsKirbyzilla
Random Kirby's-- Gooey Kirby526 views3rd in my Random Kirby's series, Gooey Kirby. Disturbing, is it not? SCHLOOOOOORP!3 commentsKirbyzilla
Blaster Knight416 viewsIF Knight Recruitment entry. Design by mrgameandpie.
Considered just making him a floating torso without feet. Ended up adding them anyway. Regretting the decision.
1 commentsMints
Drill Knight412 viewsIF Knight Recruitment entry by CapsuleJ3.
Drills have to do with fire, why not? This guy sure is a canvas hog...
Meta Knights vs Red Knights1108 viewsI pretty much wanted to draw a bunch of the Meta Knights/Kirby game knights. You know, the cool ones who don't wear a cape. Mace, Javelin, Ax, Trident, Sword, Blade, and even the DL Knights of Blade not-a-knight, Butch, Masher, and Bukiset. They're in purple.
Then, the Red Knights from the contest, at least the ones I liked more/liked drawing/thought meshed with the others best, ie: were round, or at least drawn as such here: Scythe, Shock, Mortar, Whips, Disk, Slash, Scythe.
9 commentsBimblesnaff
Blunderbuss Knight386 viewsIF Entry by Samus Kirby

Dunno what robes have to do with knights, nor wings with guns. With a chest plate on, the requisite design would have been on the back and thus invisible in game play.
I also shrunk this knight down to how big they are supposed to be: bodies only half the size of the head. And said head is hidden behind the oh-so-descriptive "a helmet." This is a renaissance one, when firearms really got going.
Bomb Knight (II)445 viewsIF Entry by 888chilly

Other than a helmet and "cameo," this one had nil to go from, so I gave it as little body as possible -- none. I also gave it a wick to at least look like its namesake.
The camouflage turned out nearly invisible with overlay, which I had to use because of how heavily it was penciled. Luckily, this one isn't even a knight so no body cares. 'Snaff used a recycled pic for it originally.
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