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Image search results - "angry"
Scarfy Concept Art560 viewsWhat's a faster way to ruin an image than picking up a nib pen for the first time in a year? Picking up a brush for the first time in years on the same picture. Fortunately, like the bag o' confidence I am, I scanned the pre-painted so that something could be saved, no matter how little that may be.
Scarfy -- an enemy on my short list -- in his Hyde mode, which is significantly more snarly than he appears in the real games.
8 commentsMints
Kirbies1388 viewsSome random Kirby poses I made. By the way, I use MS Paint, incase anybody is wondering.

And thank you very much for putting me on the Artist Showcase!
18 commentsKirazy
Angry Adeleine728 viewsAdeleine is usually is a very happy person right?
But have you ever seen what she looks like when she's angry?
Well I guess Kirby either wanted to see her angry or just wanted to paint.
only one thing left to say: Run Kirby!!! D=
5 commentsDestructo-Knight
My friggin' CANDY!667 viewsWell, everyone knows Mety has some candy in his room, according to anime.
So, what happens when Kirby realizes that? Somebody's bit furious...

Originally drawn into my schoolbook. My Finnish-teacher is SO gonna love this, don't you think?

Drawn with Colors! homebrew for DS.
2 commentsGalacta Kirby
Gooey Promo227 viewsGooey's role in my game is: Gooey, after their adventure in KDL3, went off to explore new horizons. However, he became very lonely, and painted a Rocky pink and pretended he was Kirby. The Rocky wasn't too pleased with that. Their reunion was a heartwarming one. Gooey has a speech problem, and has nicknames for everyone besides Kirby. For example, he calls Whispy Woods "Angry Tree Man." However, even though he is against him, he still Zero with respect, and refers to him as "Master."Bee Kirby
Angry Kirbys676 viewsMixed feelings about this one..
On the one hand, I liked how I drew this and how it came out a lot like I imagined it. On the other hand, I don't think the way I colored and shaded it matched the drawing that much..
Kinda got lazy with the sky and ground as well..
ANYHOO, see if you can find all the little references to Kirby mass attack and the i-phone game Angry Birds!
..And be sure to adjust your computor screen's monitor to have less contrast so you can see the picture better! Full view helps too!
enjoy :D
4 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Mash Up549 viewsA big mash up of my favorite Nintendo and non-Nintendo characters.plasmakirby
Angry Birds' New Member554 viewsDone on KRR oekaki (PaintBBS).AngelLionKovu
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