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Image search results - "animation"
Flingo All 'round410 viewsAnimation of flingo =)6 commentsFlingo
Kirbyang769 viewsThis is Kirbyang. He's basically my internet name and the avatar for all my forums and such. He'll also be in my Kirby Creation Story comic.9 commentsKirbyang
Waddle Dee Emotion Animation629 viewsThis is pretty self-explanitory.

Ah, and I just registered at this site. Hello, all.
7 commentsTMH
Kirby Blinking Animation755 viewsUm... Yes. It's just a blinking Kirby, so to speak. Or perhaps he saw something totally shocking.5 commentsTMH
Kirby :3403 viewsAn animation I made recently. :3 Not sure if it works here but my link to it on dA is -> linkclariecandy
N-Z Animation like B/W229 viewsIf it doesn't work you can see it here:
I love the animations in B/W and I love to make them. btw, I made this sprite to N-Z (Okay... this things are easy to make... XDDD) and I animated it.. I only used paint to make the frames, I repixeled them and made them like they were rotated by a progam.
I hope you like it. <3
Dark Matter Swordsman256 viewsLol... he again....
I did this in depression.. I ordered KDL2 last week and it came today... I played to 100% (Yes, I'm a freak.. XDDD), then after the credits I turned my GB off and... all was deleted! T___T I was so sad that I wanted to make something happy... lol... That's why he is singing.. XD
It's a tiny animation, but it took me 2 hours... I don't know why this little animations always take so much time. D:
I hope you like it~ c:
1 commentsZeri
Run, Dedede, Run!266 viewsRUN FOR YER LIIIIIIFE!Bee Kirby
kirby vs 02377 viewsthis took about 2 to3 hours to complete and its not even that long but still here it is a little animation of kirby fighting 02.bye the way i forgot to shad his shoe at the end on the ds so i had to do it on the computer and so it doesn't look good.plasmakirby
meta knight and his gum balls231 viewsafter talking my sister into doing another animation i came up with this.plasmakirby
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