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Image search results - "anime"
Smile!1813 viewsOne of my random sketches, though I like how I did the background to this one. xD So yeah...Bun, Kirby, Tokkori and Fumu! Yay!27 commentskleinebeere
Long Live the King(fix)752 viewsDedede looks out of the castle to survey his kingdom.
I originally wanted him to look smug, but instead he came out looking strangely calm.
(Sorry about the reupload! I didn't know of any other way to upload a different image on top of this one. The thumb was in the wrong position, and needed to be fixed.)
5 commentsDynablade
Meta-Knight Vs. Kirby901 viewsA scene from the 3rd episode of the anime.4 commentsgigarob_93
Kirby's been Spooked404 viewsThis is what happens when I realize the person I like is going to be in the same class as me. Of all the classes in the school, she ends up taking one of the ones I do. We aren't even in the same grade. Could it be... destiny?

Either way, it really, really got my heart pumping. And thus I drew my emotions.
Sirica and Garlude1435 viewsPicture dedicated to the episode 60 of the anime of Kirby.
I always wanted to draw them but I never got the time to put dedication of this characters. I did them in my style.

Background inspired in Kirby Superstar (Milkyway - Mecheye).

I hope you like it! =)
11 commentsAiky
Blast From the Oldies - Meta Knight is Misunderstood1107 viewsReally old oekaki stuff again, probably one of my "better" old drawings. I was only nine years old at the time of drawing.2 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Someone Needs a Hug1038 viewsBecause Dedede with the Scarfies is utterly adorable.

Mouse oekaki done in MS Paint
4 commentsBasil-Ovelby
Water430 viewsI like the design of the water ability, so I decided to draw it!4 commentsMeta
Meta Knight326 viewsAn MSPaint made picture of Meta Knight.SUPERFOX5
Customer Service says hi462 viewsAn MSPaint made picture of Customer Service.2 commentsSUPERFOX5
Escargon's Letter to Ivyna396 viewsAn MSPaint made picture of Escargon writing a letter to Ivyna.
I made this because I miss her doing the subs.
You could say it is like a tribute to her.
1 commentsSUPERFOX5
Kopy Abilities --- Water1970 viewsWater, an Anime exclusive ability, possibally to appear in Kirby Wii, is another of Kirby's elemental tiara abilities. I love the swirly design of water! I think it's great! In the pic I included Bubboo, Bubble head, and the Gansan-like tri-droplets that will appear in Kirby Wii as the Water Helper. Also, I included Bubble as part of water, because they're basically the same. I also included the Copy Palet, due to it's similarities with the Bubble Ability. Search for the blank spot~!

And Holy Frijoles! A double front page! I'm so gracious!!!
12 commentsKirazy
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