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Image search results - "apollo"
Dreamland 3's Top Ten631 viewsDreamland 3's Top Ten: Klinko, Wapod, Apollo, Sasuke, Popon, Polof, Peran, Corori, Pacto, and Nidoo.

First in my series! I remember when my brother (Theorizer) and I used to play this game all the time! (I was always Gooey! =D) I always loved when I ran into these 10 enemies! I will do more of these "Top Tens in Dreamlands", so stay tuned! Next, I'm probably going to do Kirby's Dreamland.
8 commentsMeta
Apollo!638 viewsWell this is my original (at least I hope so) character. His name is Apollo! I suppose he would rather be addressed with his personal title. (I mean that he made it up by himself, for himself...:P) Apollo, the winged warrior of the night sky! The star on his face can be used as a weapon, a navigator, and data storage, among other things. (bleh..I messed up, and now you can see the whiteout!) He's on DeviantArt as well, on my profile HungarianThief!8 commentsfluffy_chick21
Apollo an' Kirby654 viewsYay, I'm sittin' on your head! ^.^
Hehe, this was fun to draw. Maybe Apollo will take Kirby for a ride? Better hold on tight, 'cause he's fast!
7 commentsfluffy_chick21
Cake2432 viewsCake is my entry for the Enemy Emulation contest. When a blopper is swallowed, Kirby morphs into the sweet tooth assasin! Despite how much this look likes a Kopy Ability, it is not, and has no Blank Spot. You can learn more about Cake Kirby if he gets into the contest!22 commentsKirazy
Apollo x 2431 viewsHere is the picture I promised you, Kirby-4-Ever! I'm sorry it took so long...I have a lot of projects I need to do and I keep making up excuses to put them off..=p
Well here it is: Apollo and Apollo! My Apollo is using his Star to identify the enemy. It's backwards because it's meant for him to read. I hope you like it!
2 commentsfluffy_chick21
Apollo NOM330 viewsHehe. Just something random I sketched out. I have more Apollo and Meta Knight artwork, but they aren't done yet. Oh ya, Apollo LOVES blueberries. Meta Knight has the misfortune of resembling a giant blueberry. Lol Meta blueberry pie.fluffy_chick21
True Blue Apollo298 viewsYay, finally found one of my old sketches of Apollo! This is the face I originally drew him with, lol. I've been drawing too many happy faces; I oughta do some more like this. You can see how I do circles without using a round object to trace.fluffy_chick21
Happy Easter!!!591 viewsHappy Easter to all the great artists here!!!9 commentsAero
Something's Not Right533 viewsFinished Product!!
I'm happy with the way this turned out^^ Hope everyone enjoys it. I think it took me an hour and a half to complete.
Anyway, it's just a parody of all those MK/Kirby snuggle pictures, hehe. Not that I don't like them. Just gotta be able to poke fun at the things you like. I coloured it with every one of my grey pencil crayons. Even the one that almost looks blue.
Apollo, you will never learn. :]
4 commentsfluffy_chick21
You look VVVEEERRRRYYY tasty...418 viewsApollo, Ally, enemy, or...candy...?2 commentsMikune
My favorites520 viewsXD my favorite creatures from Dream Land 3

except I'm not quite about the little green guy... I know he's Crystal Shards...
1 commentsRizu
Smiling to Myself318 viewsfluffy_chick21's Apollo~! Thanks for lettin' me draw him!2 commentsAero
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