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Image search results - "apple"
November - Harvest Time10042 viewsA commission by Fred Sloniker and an experiment in outline-less coloring.91 commentsIvyna J Spyder
Kirby and rick (redone)847 viewssrry for the ''reupload'' its because I found rick's fur not well rendered so I fixed it.... ok ahem! So here's my 4ht 3D kirby related character : Rick the Hamsta!!7 commentsmico27
Meta Knight eating an apple.669 views<(^_^)>7 commentsN.C.Studios2
Artfully Feast358 viewsI love that scene with Kirby starving and he pictures everyone as food. :3 The Adeliene (or Adeleine?) saves the day, yay!Pikmingirl
Random Kirby's-- Whispy Kirby553 viewsFirst in my Random Kirby's series, Whispy Kirby.4 commentsKirbyzilla
You just... DITCHED me back there!1318 viewsThis picture is based off the cutscene introduction to my favorite stage in Kirby's Dream Land 2: Big Forest! Brings back kindergarten memories... The name of this piece comes from Mallow's line to Mario in Super Mario RPG, when preparing to fight Bowyer. Also, this MAY be for the Songbook I am making, if I ever put words to the Big Forest theme, but I may not, which is why I am submitting it to my regular album. Coo basically sacrificed Kirby for the apple--but which would you pick, the apple or Kirby?9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Whispy Woods1378 views5 commentsAdol
Decade Dedication805 viewsFor RR's ten year milestone, I tried to go back as far as possible to dig up staff to include. Problem is, the updates for the site only go back to '04, and how, exactly, people chose to represent themselves is a little iffy. I mean, Almighty Narf actually had an avatar, and I still couldn't tell what it was suppose to be.

Anyhoo, Kindar with Glod, MW, Ivy, and Narf right, Wolf4Knowledge, Primary Duck, Apple Kid, Aqua, and Kirby Warrior left.

I really didn't like this picture, even skipped the background.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
Out For a Midnight snack373 viewsKirby and Squeaky Bogg out at night eating apples. Yummy!!heyitskirby
Portal Kirby and Whispy Woods530 viewswho needs to wait for those apples to come for you?JAMESGHOST
Apple Kirby411 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)clariecandy
Whispy Woods1550 viewsFdasfkjlh it's finally done! In total, it took about..... lesse.... maybe 4 days? 3 days? I dunno.

This is for a contest at the local anime con on Sunday. I wanted to go for a more realistic approach on Whispy Woods, but the coloring still made it Kirby-esque anyway. xD But it does looks a lot more realistic as a sketch. As you can see, I'm starting to go back to my old coloring style. c: I like it.

I'd really appreciate if you could give some critique on this, too. c:
6 commentstorkirby
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