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Image search results - "aterkirbus"
Old Aterkirbus (Dark Kirby) Drawing415 viewsThis is an old drawing of my first fan character, Aterkirbus. He's my first EVER fan character. I made him in 2nd Grade. (No, this drawing ain't from 2nd Grade.)

Aterkirbus = ater kirbus = Latin = dark Kirby

He's a test tube child, a genetic fusion of a Shadonesian (fan species of mine) and a Kirbian. At one point, after he had built an outstanding ship with an outstanding crew (kinda like the Halberd), the Dark Matter possessed him and his crew, killed lotsa peeps. No one trusts him, now.
Villains Poster409 viewsAt the top are Terostocus and General Regulus, partners in crime and galactic domination... which is a crime. Down and to the right of them are three Dark Matter "Scouts" and Dark Supernova. Center: Aterkirbus. To his left are Galacta Knight and Dark Meta Knight. At the bottom, from left to right: some random psychic Waddle Dee, Skarl, General Uvnar, Igor Kirborgsky and Cluto.

F.Y.I.: Terostocus, Gen. Regulus and Cluto are Shadonesians, which are a fan species of mine. Yes, I know they look like Verdans.
1 commentsAterkirbus
Meta Knight and Aterkirbus571 viewsThis is the first nice n' purdy (guess that's kinda redundant) that I've done with my tablet. After this experience, I feel that drawing it on paper first works better.4 commentsAterkirbus
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