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Image search results - "attack"
Dorocche-dan/Daroach Paperart522 viewsSqueakity Squeak! It's Daroach/Dorocche! Look out for his ability to somehow shoot ice from his haaaaaand.

Sorry for the Squeaks looking... strange. D: I was rushing on the little guys.
1 commentsPikmingirl
Magic Promo421 viewsYet another promo. This Promo is for the magic ability. This shows Kirby doing the move where if you hold B for 3 seconds, the roulette starts. I really like the effects on this pic. Tell me what yall think!1 commentsTheorizer
Attack of the Blocks395 viewsAhh! Tetris blocks are attacking Meta Knight and Waddle Dee! Youc could see Meta Knight already slayed one because there's a trash block stuck in the ground.4 commentsjunotoad
Splash Kirby Attacks591 viewsI finally got the chance to upload this! Like before, the attacks are based on the controls of KSSU.

B: Splash- A short, weak Splash that hits many times.
B While Running: Water Slide- Kirby slides across the ground on water, carrying enemies with him.
Running + Jump: Water Spiral- Kirby spins water around him very quickly.
X While Running: Kappa Wave- Kirby dumps all of his water out in one highly damaging attack.
8 commentssuperyoshi888
Yoyo422 viewsI redid Yoyo because I was unhappy with the crappiness of my favorite ability. I deleted the other pic2 commentsMeta
Oh noooo....987 viewsI am REALLY sorry KRR. Everyone has been drawing so much and working so hard, and I haven't made any good Kirby art lately. I think I'm just having a bad time. It's like I suddenly stink at everything I try. Oh how I wish I could make more GOOD art, let alone lots of art at all...

I kind of characterized this panicking Kirby as me, seeing as though I have an odd tendency to twirl around when I'm stressed...
7 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kopy Abilities --- Jet1725 viewsMy favorite so far! I really like how this one turned out! By the way, apparantly people feel sorry for the waddle dees I show being... murdered. Well too bad! That's the way I roll! Also, a hint for the secret Uncolored Bit, "You should be able to see it"!9 commentsKirazy
Sword Knight and Blade Knight attack Waddle Dee536 viewsColored Sword Knight by memory based on the anime and not sure if he is supposed to look like that...
I used my 0.7 as usual and thin point pen (for outlining, same pen for the Dark Meta Knight picture). Colored with colored pencils. I had to use correction pen a lot...(it's sort of like white-out) and there were a lot of white marks from it sticking out. So I put the picture into the Paint program and used the airbrush tool to fix that. Added text, and erased some extra lines.
That's it. enjoy :D
5 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Rainbow attack!967 viewsyes I seen the new new Kirby trailer, it was a blessing by Nintendo.
This attack is from Kirbys new Water ability.
6 commentsJAMESGHOST
Kirby Mass Attack & Wii839 viewsA tribute to the new comming games.<33 commentsHisui
Eye on the Prize476 viewsMy two cents on Mass Attack~ What if Kirby was as psycho for strawberry shortcake in Mass Attack as he was in Squeak Squad? Dream Land (and Dedede in particular) have not known horrors of this magnitude...4 commentskirbykawaii2105
Kirby Mass Attack1742 viewsOf course I have to draw something Kirby Mass Attack-related! However this isn't really based on any specific part of the game, hence why Whispy has an apple. The style is a little different than my regular one to stay true to the game's artwork. c: I tried to get this picture up in time for the release, but it looks like that didn't happen |D

You can see the process of drawing this here!
1 commentstorkirby
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