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Nobu Avatar296 viewsIcon of Nobu I made to use on the KRR forums.1 commentsShine
Kirby and Meta-Knight Avatars586 viewsPut side by side for one file here. You can see them with transparency at this two links:

Yes you may use them but you may not edit, sell, or claim them as your own.
Done in MS Paint.
1 commentsRWMVG1DC
KRR Gallery Hina-Matsuri5321 views~Row I: The Shogun~
Bimblesnaff (Shibaraku SqueakyBogg), Ometon (Gallery Shogun)

~Row II: The Daimyo~
Dedede-Daimyo (Me), AnimeKittyCafe (Lei), Minon (KCCh), aru (Elviey)

~Row III: 1st Bushi~
ShadowtheSheKirby, RedMetaKnightess, A Kirby and his Cheese, Shruggin’ Rock, Airride_Master, Kirby-4-ever

~Row IV: 2nd Bushi~
torkirby, the burning orange, gerugeon, Kiroscarby, Wondercrow, Kirazy, superyoshi888

~Row V: 3rd Bushi~
Junotoad, RWMVG1DC, gigarob_93, Theorizer, XOXOMeta_Knight, GBAKirbster2007, Qtie4U

~Row VI: 4th Bushi~
Ivyna J Spyder, imakuni, Fushidane, SoraMito, EyeofCalamity, bobbook, Fairy Red, Dal, Phredryk, Adol

Today (3/3/09) is Hina-Matsuri: Girl’s Day in Japan. Let’s celebrate with this display of dolls of new and old KRR Gallery Members! We’re all princesses now. If anyone has questions about the holiday or their avatar, I welcome all comments. Have fun~ ^_^
(Meant to be viewed right to left)-(Sorry if I forgot anyone- I just ran out of room!)-(Felt-tip markers and India ink used.)
42 commentsDedede-Daimyo
My Name is Leirin954 viewsI've submitted this solely to be an introduction as to who I am. I realized I never really introduced myself properly, so here we go! My screenname is Leirin, I am a lifelong Kirby fan. One of my hobbies is drawing. Some of my favorite games include Kirby Super Star, Wind Waker, Brawl and many more. I'm not a very interesting person (just a big Nintendo nerd), but I hope to get to know you other members better!
It isn't really a haiku; try to guess where the quote is from! ^_^
10 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
burningkirby99352 viewsmy avatar mixed upwith paint options.Burningkirby99
Mask-less Metaknight waving244 views"Well hello. Nice day isn't it?"
Dark Metaknight with fire209 views"How did I set my hand on fire?!!? Ahhhhh!!!!"

Ouch that must hurt.
An avatar I use for halloween commonly.
Dark Matter Samurai387 viewsWell, since pretty much everybody has a made up kirby character to represent their account, i decided to make one, this is an efrite that wears his own style of dark matter swordsman attire, and wishes he can change dak matter from bad to good.5 commentsDarkmattersamurai
My OC, Heyitskirby426 viewsPlease Read!!

This is my character Heyitskirby, done with MacPaint. His hobbies are to eat, sleep, and paint. His "game attacks" are similar to Kirby's, but instead of inhaling, he launches blobs of paint at enemies. If enemies have not been defeated, but affected by the attack, the enemy changes color. He's my OC! Oh, yeah anybody who wants to draw him- go ahead!
7 commentsheyitskirby
Just another OC drawing266 viewsHaving some fun with Helios Paint.heyitskirby
Kiroscarby!312 viewsFor my Friend, Kiroscarby! Hope you like! :32 commentsAero
RAAAH!404 viewsAnyone is welcome to use this as an avatar or something, just keep in mind I made it.2 commentsghostmetaknight
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