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Backdrop, Throw, Fighter, and Suplex all need to have Different Colors440 viewsSo I did this.3 commentskirby123
Kirby and his headbands1412 viewsA pic of Kirby being featured in each of his headband abilities! I made this pic with my new Wacom Intuos Tablet I got for my birthday. I hope you like this pic!

And thank you gallery staff for the spot on the Art Showcase!
15 commentsKirazy
Squeaky Bogg Bio Pic559 viewsStar of the upcoming Save The Day, ol' SB squeezed into the spot as the Hard Mode since he has Backdrop. German Suplexing your way through an infinite amount of star blocks is just so much fun -- and more logical when it isn't Waddle Doo just doing it for the lack of adding other characters. In fact, busting star blocks for next to no reason is the main developmental delay of the game~!
I had always planned on including Bogg in the series eventually, but mostly only as a secret character.
Fightning Bug Study903 viewsBugzzy's ammo has no name that I could ever find, so puns are win. The Fightning Bug is a five-spotted ladybird beetle with two legs? and only two frames of animation that have changed little throughout the generations.
If the IF Knights picks up with some game-suitable submissions, FB will be the tag team partner of Bogg in the Knights vs Wrestlers non-epic Tuesday Knight Titans. Currently, few would fit in the trenches with the Meta-Knights.

Murdering Waddle Dees (C) Kirazy 2008-2009
11 commentsMints
%$%&#%*#&%$#&*^%# (ARRRRRRRRGH)357 viewsThis is what happens When I get really mad.(like during April-Now) I shoot and slash strawberry jam jars. And twitch. And turn purple. Anyway, I'm glad to be back.2 commentsAirride_Master
Dynablade Kirby superstar inspired background287 viewsSee title. Paint drawn.KITT345
Wolfwrath521 viewsThis is the Wofwrath from the episode of Kirby right back at ya Hour of the Wolfwrath or Loyalty! Sword! Blade! from the original anime.
Paint drawn as they all are unless I put otherwise.
3 commentsKITT345
I'm Still Here!271 viewsI haven't been around for a while, but here is a little joke based off the end of Kirby's Dreamland/Spring Breeze. It may be a little hard to see... How can you enlarge pics when you click on them?2 commentsheyitskirby
Tuesday Knight Titans670 viewsTitle screen from the next Kirbj game Tuesday Knight Titans.
The gimmick behind this game was that entries from the Round Knight Recruitment IF contest could be asked to be placed in this game. Not a lot of takers at all, which led to its angry delay. Apparently, everyone thinks they have a better chance of making their own fan game one day in which to put their creations. Good luck with that.

Squeaky Bogg and Bugzzy's ammo fight their way through Mace Knight, Sceptre Knight, and Capsule J3's Ripsaw Knight. The intro imagery used a little-shading approach, except for a bit on reflective metal surfaces. This was the only place that turned out well at all, sans Mace's feet (and everything else) which had to be heavily edited on the computer side of things. Bogg's angry expression was rather fun to draw, and despite normally turning out much more horribly, both Sceptre and Ripsaw had better rendered results than they typically do for me.

Play TKT now
3 commentsMints
Four Headbands - 21353 viewsRemake of one of my first peices of art here. Don't know why I did it, lol! 0_o7 commentsKirazy
Sir Falspar361 viewsMy fourth ms paint picture this one of sir falspar from the anime. Sorry that the shading is horrible.Darkmattersamurai
Tiff/Fumu Sprite Sheet975 viewsI made this sheet becuase I could'nt find many on the net...

you can use this sheet aslong as you give credit!
2 commentsJAMESGHOST
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