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Image search results - "bad"
Zero Plus Zero856 viewsThe superest stage of Zero is a combination of all prior, 0+0, because they ran out of exponents -- and all of them were three!
It seems like everyone and their cousin's dog has their own fan form for 03. 'Tis an easy progression to see and has been done innumerable times and will be innumerably more. As a drawing, sure, but it seems an uninspired and lazy out as a antagonist for a fan series.

Absolution: Use a name that will only appear in another's work by coincedence or blatant plagarism.
3 commentsMints
Enemies Wave One1575 viewsMy Fan Game, (name in progress) will feature a variety of new enemies. Infact, I decided that not many enemies from passed games would be featured mostly new ones. If the enemie's name is written in black, it gives no ability, If written in red, it gives fire. If written in dark blue it gives water. If written in light blue, it gives ice. If written in yellow, it gives spark. If written in gray, it gives Tornado. If you like an enemy, I'll explain it's functions, and how they attack. 18 commentsKirazy
Is It Really Over?1167 viewsFanart for Dream Land 3's bad ending. I just now realized I forgot to include Kine. Sorry, my bad! >_<5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Lot's 'o Kirbies1143 viewsAs the title states, lots of Kirby doodles. Added light blue watercolor-esque undertones to make the sketches a bit more fancied up. Enjoy.

Kirby is very fun to draw, especially to make expressive. That's what I get for reading old Mickey Mouse comics...
9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
waddle dee486 viewsOkay I know it's kinda off, but it's harder to make a waddle dee than it is with kirby.

Send me Suggestions!
Dark Matter Swordsman TAKE2537 viewsBasically my second attempt at drawing DMS, and this one is actually colored.3 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Heavy Mole563 viewsMy first drawing in i guess you could say my new style, but yeah just this robot dude. Made with color pencils and Prismacolor Art Markers.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Black and White390 viewsI was listening to /that/ song. If you don't know what song/video i was inspired by, just type ''Bad Apple Touhou'' on youtube.

I know it's not 100% like the video, but hey, i can add my own style.

Yeah i know their weapons aren't great...*giggles at Meta Knight's sword in this picture* im not great with weapons and well xD..
5 commentsTitiMiny
Kirby's Dreamland 3 - Remote Control Pitch446 viewsI think Kirby isnt good with technology xD
KDL3 means Kirby's DreamLand 3

Remote Control Pitch
With Spark, Kirby can control Pitch as he zips across the screen knocking out baddies.

Informations by KRR

Trogdor Formee203 viewsWhat is Strong Bad's creation from Homestar Runner doing here? Apparently, he was just too well known! (That light orange stream is fire)Kirby Rider
Bad Guys1167 viewsBad guys, bad guys, ev'rybody loves bad guys.5 commentsBimblesnaff
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