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Image search results - "baton"
Tonfa Knight612 viewsIF Knights entry by Kirbyzilla

I think the design of TK turned out rather well for fitting in with the rest of the knights. So much so, that I made this separate Meta-Army-appropriate color scheme version. For some reason thought "Laser tonfas -- sounds like Kirby~!" so that's what happened. Were red, but then looked like lipstick, so that didn't happen.

Background contains the second, tiny ballpoint plan, which had a better form, and a double-sided tonfa (shades of Axe from Adventure~!).
Tonfa batons are one of my favorite weapons, mostly because of Yoko Kono from Last Bronx.
1 commentsMints
Kirby abilities1593 viewsI did this pic at the classroom, then made the lineart on Photoshop with my beloved pen tablet. I think it went good...Anyway, thanks for the favs and comments, and the pageviews! I'm so happy!
Obs: I drew too Whip Kirby, my copy ability, and Plant Kirby, who isn't my creation. I saw in a Deviantart page and thought it was cute...
2 commentsgerugeon
Kirba312 viewsFor Kiroscarby! And, Kirba is Kiroscarby's, not mine. She's fun to draw!2 commentsAero
Anime-Only Abilities319 viewsHopefully, these will all appear in a game someday... They'd be really fun to play with, especially Baton. So, with Baton, Kirby wears a star themed headpiece and baton. He chooses an enemy and what ever happens to the baton, happens to the enemy. With Water, Kirby is made into H20 and can shoot water from his mouth. With Iron, Kirby dresses as a pharoh and attacks with a staff. He also can turn into a moving iron statue. Top Kirby will shoot explding tops. These appear only in episode 97 of the anime.Aero
abilities2244 viewsfire,baton,jet,hammer,beam,animal,whip and,clean.the reason why whip does not have stars on his hat is because i made this before returns to dreamland came outplasmakirby
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