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Image search results - "beach"
Kirby at the Beach661 viewsI finally have something worthy of the Gallery. I drew this in the oekaki, because I guess it is most convient for me.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Portal Kirby and Water569 viewsneed to empty a dam or pond? well with portal kirby you can make the water travel between their mouths!JAMESGHOST
Building a Sandcastle767 viewsI was thinking about including King Dedede and Adeliene because I felt really bad leaving them out but... nah. Anyways this is my entry for the Fp challenge. The three are spending a day at Aqua Star. I hope you like.1 commentsScaarfii
RaichuKFM June '10563 viewsMy attempt at the front page picture for June. It's Kirby, at the beach, with a basket of Maximum Tomatoes, a pep brew and not a care in the world. It's part of a larger picture, and the uncolored parts of the water are shine marks.1 commentsRaichuKFM
June Front Page Pic Entry972 viewsThis took way longer than it should have.
Drawn in PaintTool SAI.
Other Notes: I go by Kirby-RS in the Fan Art Gallery and Oekaki boards. I go by Sheep Man on the forums, main site, and chatbox. Here for the purpose of reducing confusion between my multiple identities and aliases.
3 commentsKirby-RS
Skipping Rocks2294 viewsSorry for not uploading this last Monday, but I felt I drew enough for that weekend (drew something else for a birthday present).

I appreciate your honest opinion about these comics -- the joke, the art, or other feedback always helps. This comic may not make sense unless you've played Kirby and the Crystal Shards.
5 commentsAdol
Seaside Foes291 viewsI apologize for my absence! My computer was broken, and the laptop could not resize the pictures, so we eventually had to get a new computer. So, these are just my favorite water enimies, not much to say.2 commentsAero
I canĀ“t wait for summer!706 viewsThis was for an art-trade, Kirby-charakters with some special guests on the beach. <32 commentsHisui
Portrait 1 - Chuchu654 viewsHere's a relatively quick picture of Chuchu at the beach. I'm making portraits of the animal friends, and possibly some other characters like Adeleine and Ribbon, to fill out Kirby's house I modeled in 3D as portraits on his fireplace mantle. I may or may not upload all of the portraits depending on how visible they are in the picture of Kirby's house.

For some reason, I always end up making Chuchu look pale, so I had to adjust some of the hue and saturation after finishing this.
2 commentsAdol
Portrait 4 - Kine666 views3 commentsAdol
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