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Image search results - "beast"
Beast's fang.1535 viewsMy second favourite comic. The beast was something I drew on paper and scanned in.7 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
My brave knight- request2242 viewsThis is the request made by my friend. She asked for a comic where MK saves her from a monster...
I drew her in Kirby's style, hope she like it...
Anyway, enjoy it!
Poor Meta Knight! Chased by the fangirls...
10 commentsgerugeon
Wolfwrath520 viewsThis is the Wofwrath from the episode of Kirby right back at ya Hour of the Wolfwrath or Loyalty! Sword! Blade! from the original anime.
Paint drawn as they all are unless I put otherwise.
3 commentsKITT345
Human Kirby and Meta Knight426 viewsThere's so many pictures of human Kirby and Meta Knight out there, so here's mine... Kirby wants to play with Meta Knight and is holding a 'ball', which as you see, is really a demon beast that DeDeDe ordered. In case it's too hard to read the text, Kirby is saying "poyo play!" and Meta Knight is saying "What? Not now Kirby. And I don't think you should be playing with that 'ball'...". DeDeDe is in his throne room, wondering where his demon beast is. Drawn using 0.7 mechanical pencil and colored pencils.MetaKnight#1fan
Creator507 viewsWhen I drew this, I didn't have a ref for Nightmare. Everything was drawn from memory -
*trying to ignore the horrible hand autonomy mistake*
4 commentsMedalis
Time Does Not Heal...630 viewsUh, that red stuff is fruit juice. The Galaxy Soldier Army was planning on attacking Holy Nightmare with it, so they put it under their armor so the demon beasts wouldn't eat them. Demon Beasts hate fruit juice. :/

Meta's supposed to be having a nightmare - I'm not sure if that's portrayed correctly in the image. The picture is for the 'Time Does Not Heal' contest from the Meta-Knightmare group on DeviantArt.
If you're interested in the idea of Meta Knight being a Demon Beast, come and visit!
1 commentsMedalis
03222 viewsAn abomination that I think should be Zero's next form. This remind you of Sigilyph? Hitting its eye will cash out massive damage, and setting it ablaze will deal tons of damage!Kirby Rider
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