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Image search results - "birdon"
Birdon-Midflight248 views(Please Read Desciption On Other Birdon Picture.Sorry.Couldn't Fit It All V_V)
....To Continue.Yeah.Birdon Hooked Me.Haha.I Still Remember Pointing To Meta Knight And Asking All About Him.I Swear,Watching The anime Again On the site....Its a giant Flashback.That,And the fact That My Friend Gave me his SNES and KSS when he moved to Texas--Yeah,The Very Same Cartridge And System From So Long Ago T_T It Was Beautiful...Like A Bad Soap Opera T_T
Heh.Love At First Sight For The Two Of Them I Guess.*Huggles MK*
Birdon308 viewsOk.The Year Is '98.I'm Watching My Friend Play Kirby Super Star.I was Also Five Years Old(Yay Me.).I Only Really Cared To Watch To Ask About Charactors,Places And Historys That Went Along With Them All.He Was Playing 'The great Cave Offensive' and till Then-I hadn't Seen A Birdon.By Fate,My Friend Creates A Birdon.I Asked In Awe ''Who Is THAT?!''.My Friend Said ''ThatsBirdon.He's My Helper''.I asked If I Could Play (Never played untill Then).And I Did-As Birdon.I played more and More and the rest is History3 commentsGasphin
KCCh Allstar Intro *FULLY COLORED*2862 viewsTHATS RIGHT, ITS DONE! Well, kinda... ^^;
It still needs a ton of shading, but Mamthew and I will get to that as the time becomes available. Regardless, here is (most of) the cast of Kirby Cosmic Chaos, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Credit goes to Minon for the original Lineart and a majority of the new characters.
23 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Parody: Who has lost his tail?1944 viewsThe forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos! This is a parody of MOTHER for the NES. Here, we have Kirby as Ninten, Birdon as Loid, and Ribbon as Ana. Bonkers would have been the perfect Teddy, but I can't draw him to save my life and didn't want to ruin the picture, so I left him out. ^_^ I also wanted to do a parody of the games' final boss, Giegue, but I couldn't find any Kirby characters similar enough, sorry. By the way: It isn't Christmas-related 'cause I actually started it some ago.15 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Wing1507 viewsI liked this sketch, so I decided to scan and color it. The outline is messy like that because I thought it'd look cooler like this.

The background image is a picture I found on Google, I just blurred it.
3 commentstorkirby
Sketches 00960 viewsTrying to see how long I can do a random sketch every day, this being the first for it.

Me, Kirbster, and Mamthew, each with our respective Helper Species version besides our Kirbatar.

I'm with a Poppy Bro, Kirbster's with a Birdon, and Mamthew's with a Broom Hatter
Birdon676 viewsInstead of my usual Micron pens, I inked this with a caligraphy pen. Although the lines came out kinda iffy compared to my usual, I'm pretty satisfied with this.3 commentsCandidGamera
Shoebill Birdon638 views"I suggest you not anger me..."

While the shoebill (a real bird) may look intimidating, apparently they're pretty friendly birds.

A birdon with that look however, could be dangerous. Don't want to get hit by a shuttle loop to say the least.

Edit: on a side note, a preview button could be helpful for commenting
2 commentsMinon
Outnumbered but not Outhungered2162 views5 commentsAdol
Bird in the Wind385 viewsI've always liked Birdons, but I've always felt that they were a little "underdeveloped" I guess basically this is what I'd design Birdon if it were my idea/choice to redesign an enemy. So yeah, Nuffin' else for me to say.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
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