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Image search results - "boo"
BOOOOOOOO!805 views<(^_^)>10 commentsNCStudios
*BOO*480 viewsGhost Kirby doing his favorite thing to his favorite enemy!1 commentsgigarob_93
LEGO Bomber565 viewsIts lego bomber !!! 5 commentsskyscraper
Kaboola - KSSU Rendition937 viewsI kinda liked Kaboola's new look, so I decided to draw it.4 commentsThe Poltergeist
Kirby + Kaboom = Kirboom?467 viewsWhat happens when I play KSSU and Kaboom simultaneouslyThe Poltergeist
The Narrow Escape525 viewsBOOM! The Mach Bike blows up, flinging Daisy in front, resulting in minor injuries, and cuts that hurt like the dickens. She looks cross to see that her bike exploded. One of my favorite drawings.2 commentsjunotoad
Dedede Dai-Ondo4009 viewsI shall now post this, because the site it was on seems to be down right now. An entry into Leirin's (AnimeKittyCafe in the gallery) Kirby's Greatest Hits Super Songbook (KGHSS). It is a Japanese festival, with Dedede and his followers participating in a great Ondo song and dance. I also made lyrics to Dedede's Theme, in traditional Ondo style, to be uploaded to the KGHSS in the future. I encourage those who are interested in this project to participate; the rules and sign up can be found here [well, that's weird, I can't find that pic either... This message is sure to change when new development occures]. So, this is done in my watercolor style, with india ink outline. I think that this pic deserves alot of attention because I put much detail into it and worked on it for a surprisingly long time. With this out of the way, I will be taking off this week, working hard on new art that many will enjoy. So, without further humiliation, Sayonara.13 commentsDedede-Daimyo
They understand each other!938 viewsYou’re probably wondering what that brown thingy is on the right side, it’s Boota. He’s from an anime I’m still watching: Gurren Lagann. I like that anime.
I’ve put him there, because he always says poyo, like Kirby. What a coincidence!
I hope you like it. I’ve made it pretty quick, because it was pretty late when I made it.
3 commentsQtie4U
Game-able IF Knights868 viewsAfter going through the current IF Knights list, I pulled out all the ones that could actually be used in a Meta-Army-like situation as is. Long arms and stupid heights (i.e. anything beyond a 2:1 head-to-body ratio) were the only things I tinkered with.

I went off of written descriptions for previously drawn knights, trying to get different looks. The plan is to use some IF creations in my next applet, Tuesday Knight Titans, which pits Bogg and the Fightning Bug against hordes of knights.

Row Key (Left to Right)
Far: Crossbow (I), Shield, Javelin, Boomerang (I), Trident, Disk
Middle: Whip (II), Mace, Whip (I), Ring, Club, Sai
Near: Shock, Scythe (I), Axe, Knuckles, Parasol, Nunchuku
14 commentsMints
Knights Group Photo 2472 viewsHere's photo 2 of the Knights Group Photo thing I'm doing. This time, the knights are:

-Boomerang Knight (sporting off his boomerang in a Sango-like fasion [a character off of Inuyasha who holds her boomerang on her back])
-Bomb Knight (this guy reminds me of a Bob-omb)
-Grappling Hook Knight (I messed up on him twirling the grappling hook around though XP)

3 commentsPlasma Friend
Kopy Abilities --- Water1923 viewsWater, an Anime exclusive ability, possibally to appear in Kirby Wii, is another of Kirby's elemental tiara abilities. I love the swirly design of water! I think it's great! In the pic I included Bubboo, Bubble head, and the Gansan-like tri-droplets that will appear in Kirby Wii as the Water Helper. Also, I included Bubble as part of water, because they're basically the same. I also included the Copy Palet, due to it's similarities with the Bubble Ability. Search for the blank spot~!

And Holy Frijoles! A double front page! I'm so gracious!!!
12 commentsKirazy
Kaboola Canvas Curse Style683 viewsSimilar to my Orbservor picture, except in another style. I must have spent a good portion of the afternoon on it. I hope you guys like it. :)2 commentssuperyoshi888
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