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Image search results - "box"
KCCh Boxart...we wish...1849 viewsHey, we can dream can't we? XD
If Nintendo were to actually officially endorse us or buy the rights from us(like that'd happen T.T), I'd imagine we'd be seeing it on the DS someday.
If someone wants to spiff this up, go right ahead, we love getting fanart just as much as we love making it! XD
NOTE: In case someone gets the wrong idea, KCCh is NOT an official game nor is it headed to the DS...unless someone is EXTREMELY good at hacking.... >_>
11 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Lolo's Emerald Framer344 viewsLolo comes from his own -awesome- series of games, and it's nice that they include him in a couple of the kirby games... but he isn't evil :U3 commentsPhredryk
Kopy Abilities --- Magic1892 viewsWow~! I love the way this one turned out! Guest starring Polof, Pacto, Meta-Knight, Boxy, and Wiz! I worked really hard! I enjoyed adding some Dreamland 3 enemies to such a new ability. I really love this one. By the way, the "Blank Spot" is VERY difficult to find in this one!12 commentsKirazy
Big Box327 viewsJonokirby's entry in the Oversized Opponent IF Contest.

This one had been without a picture for a while, so I sketched this out. There really wasn't much description to work off of though, beyond the fact that he "looks like a box."
Einstein Kirby w/ tie, Buisnessman Kirby, Fighter Dedede, Einstein Kirby w/out tie, and Boxer Kirby369 viewsThere's two Einsteins because I drew him again because I failed at drawing hair.
Top - Top- Einstein Kirby w/ tie, Bottom - Buisnessman Kirby, Bottom Left - Fighter Dedede, Bottom Right - Top - Einstein Kirby w/out tie, Bottom - Boxer Kirby
Lololo, Gordo, Lalala, Green Box, Pon, Con482 viewsThese are on ground-level most of the time so the platforms don't break off. Pon and Con were made by my Mum.3 commentspogman
Fighter Kirby vs. Boxin420 views...From two different angles!
Fighter ought to be on a stand, but the stands were all the way downstairs and look ugly.
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