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Virus314 viewsVirus (name pending) is the helper for my coming-soon ability, Cyber Kirby. This was surprisingly easy to create.kirby123
Cyber Kirby338 viewsFlavor Text:
i r tEh PWN! fEeR MeE!

Techniques [[FACING RIGHT]]:

Note: Cyber Kirby is limited by a Bandwidth meter. The Bandwidth meter fills up as Cyber Kirby performs his various moves, and his more powerful abilities fill it up faster. If it fills up past 80%, Kirby slows down considerably. If it fills up completely, Kirby loses his connection, and the Cyber ability disappears. The Bandwidth meter depletes fairly quickly over time if you aren't doing anything other than walking or flying.

B - Spark - Kirby releases a small zap forward. It's rather weak, but can be used repeatedly and does not fill up the Bandwidth meter much.

Dash - Cyber Sphere - While dashing as Cyber Kirby, Kirby becomes an orb of light which rolls along the ground. At max speed, he can bowl over enemies. Kirby's Bandwidth meter won't be filled while dashing, but it won't deplete, either.
Dash+Hold+A - Bounce - While in ball form, Cyber Kirby can bounce around and cause havoc. Think Ball Kirby from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, only a bit more powerful. Kirby's Bandwidth meter rises very slowly while he does this.
Dash+B - Spiny Roll - Kirby sprouts spines around him as he rolls forward, destroying everything in his path. This slows him down, however, and it causes the Bandwidth meter to rise steadily.
Dash+B+Air - Technoviking - Cyber Kirby pulls off some very fancy dance moves as he moves through the air gracefully, and anything in his path will get clobbered (like dat Kirbeh!). This fills up the Bandwidth somewhat rapidly.

Hold+B - Dramatic Prairie Dog - The camera zooms into Kirby's face once he turns towards the screen, donning an immensely disturbing expression. This causes all nearby enemies to explode. Fills up Bandwidth moderately.
B+Enemy - Meme Grab - Kirby traps the enemy in a text bubble, and is left with several options:
Meme Grab+Up - Chocolate Rain - The song Chocolate Rain plays, and, sure enough, brown rain falls all over the screen, doing minor damage to all enemies. Later, a giant waterfall falls and does major damage. This fills up the Bandwidth meter to 90% by itself.
Meme Grab+Left - Objection - The enemy is thrown behind Kirby, who proceeds to turn around and shout in a giant speech bubble, "OBJECTION!", brutally damaging the enemy. This just barely fills up the Bandwidth meter, and is only really worth it for the laughs.
Meme Grab+Down - Shoop da Whoop - Cyber Kirby says, "Imma' firin' mah lazor!", and obliterates the held enemy with a giant blue beam from his mouth. It fills up the meter by about half.
Meme Grab+Right - Carmelldancin' - Weird music plays, and the enemy in question and Kirby both start swaying back and forth, until Kirby slaps the enemy, followed by a resounding record scratch. This fills up the meter ever so slightly.
Meme Grab+B - This is Sparta - Cyber Kirby yells extremely loudly right in the enemy's face, saying "THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!" The enemy implodes from the sheer volume. Fills up Bandwidth by 25%.

Down+B - WTF Bomb - This is Kirby's ultimate, all-or-nothing attack. Kirby begins to say, "WHAT THE F-" and then the entire screen explodes, with Kirby laughing maniacally in the background. All enemies die instantly, no matter what. As you can guess, you lose the ability after.
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