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Image search results - "brush"
++ Masterpiece's Soul ++1327 viewsA simple airbush work also made while I was at the sea side this year .
I love the final battle with Drawcia <3
10 commentsSoraMito
Essence of Canvas Curse5630 views9th in my "Essence of" series. Could this be the most color-filled picture yet? Kirby: Canvas Curse for the DS was one of the most original Kirby games in years. The vile sorceress Drawcia has turned Dreamland into her own corrupted world of paint, as well as transformed Kirby and his friends into rolling spheres, and the only way they can stop her is by drawing a magic rainbow pathway with the help of the Power Paintbrush. The games few bosses be Drawcia Sorceress/Soul, Paint Roller, Kracko/Jr, and Dedede.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Crowded Canvas1094 viewsAdo's gonna need a bigger board.4 commentsBimblesnaff
Poppy Bros. Sr. Adventure Art(my style)363 viewsI traced over the official Adventure art for Poppy Sr. and basically used the airbrush to color it in. White background, because the art tablet does things transparently if you don't go over them and some parts look bad with a gradient.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Paint Kirby537 viewsMeeeeh, don't really like this one. I messed up somewhere, I think it's the eyes. I dunno. It just looks off...2 commentsGalactic Knight 09
Kirby GIMP Brush Test397 viewsA simple brush test. I made a brush out of desire of being able to make a textured outline in the manner of Ken Sugimori's art. (He's the guy that does the art for the Pokemon series) IMO, I think I succeeded. Just need to shrink down my brush size and the outlines should look identical.

Good thing about Kirby is that he lends himself rather easily to these things, being just a ball with arms and feet.
Kirby Canvas Curse356 viewsKirby from Kirby Canvas Curse! I couldn't QUITE make it as cute as in the actual KCC pics, but I did my best! =3 And, yes, I'm English. x.xkirbystar1099
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