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Image search results - "bukiset"
Dark Matter's Warriors545 viewsThese three guys seem to serve Dark Matter in the games, with Butch, Blade, and Masher in KD2 and Bukiset in KD3. In order from left to right: Butch, Masher, Blade, Bukiset. I wonder why Masher is just siting. Bukiset always seems to get stuck with cleaning duties due to him being the only one with a broom.

What, no Valentines pic? Well, I tried, but I can't draw Ribbon. Also, I haven't abandoned traditional media, so expect to see some color pencils when I draw more ability attacks.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Meta Knights vs Red Knights1112 viewsI pretty much wanted to draw a bunch of the Meta Knights/Kirby game knights. You know, the cool ones who don't wear a cape. Mace, Javelin, Ax, Trident, Sword, Blade, and even the DL Knights of Blade not-a-knight, Butch, Masher, and Bukiset. They're in purple.
Then, the Red Knights from the contest, at least the ones I liked more/liked drawing/thought meshed with the others best, ie: were round, or at least drawn as such here: Scythe, Shock, Mortar, Whips, Disk, Slash, Scythe.
9 commentsBimblesnaff
My favorites520 viewsXD my favorite creatures from Dream Land 3

except I'm not quite about the little green guy... I know he's Crystal Shards...
1 commentsRizu
Knight Trio374 viewsThese guys don't seem to be drawm too much, but I think they're really cool, especially Heavy Knight. I was originally going to put Sword and Blade Knight on either side of Heavy Knight, but decided not to because it seemed cliche.4 commentsAero
Battle-Worn Brawlers345 viewsJust trying out a scratchy style. I think it turned out well.2 commentsAero
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