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Image search results - "burt"
KCCh- Bronto Burt promo742 viewsOne of many many classic foes that Cosmic Chaos just wouldn't be a Kirby (fan)game without.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
The Gang2291 viewsCan't think of a witty title.

GAH this took so long to make.

So yeah, I finally learned how to color on the computer without Photoshop!
6 commentstorkirby
Kopy Abilities --- Clean1736 viewsThis "Kopy Ability" is my favorite, from my favorite game, Kirby Dreamland 3, (which I've recently purchased from the Wii Shop Channel. In case you haven't noticed in the pic, I included Clean's attacks in KDL3, but without the animal friends.14 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Jet1689 viewsMy favorite so far! I really like how this one turned out! By the way, apparantly people feel sorry for the waddle dees I show being... murdered. Well too bad! That's the way I roll! Also, a hint for the secret Uncolored Bit, "You should be able to see it"!9 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Paint1963 viewsPaint! An ability shrouded with mystery, and you never really get a good look-see at it. Paint has always filled me with intrigue of seeing it as a true ability, so I've always been a fan of Paint.
And this picture's packed with 21 different poses! This one took SOOO long to do, but boy, did I have fun! Guest appearances from Ado, Adeleine, Heavy Lobster, andPaint Roller, along with the semi-usual Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt. This pic is dedicated to Dedede Daimyo's hard work on his Hina-Matsuri! I like the colors in this pic alot! And don't forget to look for the secret "Blank Spot"!

And thanks SOO much for the Double Artist Showcase spot! I really apreciate it!
12 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Needle1661 viewsBigger and Better! I thought that I should make the picture larger, so you can see each pose better. I think Paint was to small, so it looked a tad blurry. I think I went a bit overboard with the Waddle Dee in this one. Sheild your eyes, squeamish!8 commentsKirazy
Knuckles Knight1510 viewsMy If Submission. You can read all about him at the "If you could create a Red Knight" Contest. I think he turned out pretty cool!4 commentsKirazy
Kirby and his Kast of Thousands!!2053 viewsKirby and some of the characters from his games! Not all... but most/some!10 commentsKirazy
Among the Trees1321 viewsThis picture was based on the tree level in the first stage of Dreamland 3 just before facing Whispy Woods. It’s the level where one must collect the three shapes for a clown.

Happy Arbor Day. (April 24, 2009)
5 commentsAdol
Kopy Abilities --- Yoyo1782 viewsYoyo, A Super Star only ability gives Kirby the power of weilding a yoyo as a weapon. It is most likely the most versatile Melee weapon, with it being able to attack up, down, forward, or behind. Plus, it gives Kirby awesome Breakdancing Skillz! Anyways, this took a really long time, (about 10 hours) O_o But I think it was worth it! Don't forget about the blank spot!12 commentsKirazy
Sand --- By Leiren1958 viewsI liked the Sand ability. It added two brand new, unique ways for Kirby to attack. Sorry if I butchered the design, Leiren. More Kopy Abilities for more "if"s I like to come, so stay tuned! 10 commentsKirazy
Taxes1078 viewsNormally I won't upload much stuff that I've made from the oekaki, but I've been struggling to create good artwork recently, and I'm in a rut, so I'll be presenting some of my old pictures from the oekaki.

This one's dreamlanders waiting in line to give their food to the greedy King Dedede.
5 commentsKirazy
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