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Image search results - "cake"
Kracko bonus stage 11559 viewsI noticed Kirby just bounces when he gets hit by food. Shouldn't it be more messy?5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Artfully Feast358 viewsI love that scene with Kirby starving and he pictures everyone as food. :3 The Adeliene (or Adeleine?) saves the day, yay!Pikmingirl
Delicious Cake629 viewsA prize for misstoffu for placing third in the metaknightclub's november contest. :3

mmm frosting
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
Pink Breakfast1042 viewswarning: big file

D: a first place request by Dalsifodyas.


it's too long to explain anyway :<
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
Waddle Doo Cake580 viewsFor my Birthday this year my parents surprised me by having my Elemental Doos drawing put on a cake for me.5 commentsmetadoo
Cake2442 viewsCake is my entry for the Enemy Emulation contest. When a blopper is swallowed, Kirby morphs into the sweet tooth assasin! Despite how much this look likes a Kopy Ability, it is not, and has no Blank Spot. You can learn more about Cake Kirby if he gets into the contest!22 commentsKirazy
Happy Birthday Klardy!!609 viewsHappy Birthday Klardy!
He is going to be 18 this year!
4 commentsWannabe
Blopper's Revenge870 viewsStupid Revenge of the King skimping out on everyone's favorite cupcake. Why was the uninspired Poison Mash (Mush, really) chosen over him? Was he not "gritty" enough? Well, I think he could be. Fetid frosting, ho!
Ink, pencil, GIMP.
4 commentsBimblesnaff
Cupcake Kirby483 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)clariecandy
Naruto Kaabii551 viewsNot the anime, but the food. XD Fishcake Kirby. Part of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)1 commentsclariecandy
Zero...cake?499 viewsMy Parents got this cake for my little brother's birthday. I noticed it looked like Zero because of the white frosting and red cherry. There was orange peach slices with reminded me of Dark Matter because of the orange things around it's body. By the way I'm new here 7 commentsLittleKirby
Ninja CHASE!780 viewsThe ninjas of Dreamland compete to see who can reach the prize (a strawberry shortcake) first.
Kirby is doing a classic ninja dash, Yamikage's just running, Benikage tries to teleport to the cake's location.. but fails; Biospark's riding the wind (in the shape of a bird!), Spinni attempts to snag the cake with his shuriken, and wanna-be ninja TAC is having some trouble with his wheelie.
The bird-thing had to be redesigned many times before I settled on this design.
enjoy :D
6 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
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