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Image search results - "can"
Kirby with Candy1118 viewsYum Yum16 commentsAnimalCrosser5
Yay! Candy.386 viewsThis is my first time on photoshop. I hope it turns out okay and not blurry.4 commentsOniKabii
Helpers are idiots.1627 viewsNot necessarily funny, but it had to be done. Helpers purposely kill themselves. They walk into bad guys without attacking. I also can't draw biospark, but I put special effort into Knuckle Joe.5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Meta Christmas1099 views:3

Original description here.

The bows might make him slightly more girly, but it makes me slightly more gigglish.
I would definitely have him wear this like everyday if I could in Brawl. :C
And hey! Is that Present Kirby I spy?

Tutorial for coloring this here:
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Cane Slices608 viewsThese are some polymer clay cane slices of MK, Kirby, and Waddle Dee. Cane slices are slices cut from a long rod of clay and all of the pieces cut look the same. At the right, there is also two star beads, three Star Rod beads, and a Hyper Candy. 3 commentsWarrior Dragon
kirvby canvas curse424 viewsjust another little thing i did on my computer. 4 commentskirby123
Sand Canyon211 viewsI think this is the first recognizably based off Kirby thing I've done for the Dreamscapes page, isn't it? It is recognizable without the title, right?Nanabobo
A Brief Candy Break609 viewsYes. I went with the stereotypical hyper Kirby joke. I'm getting anticipatory about Kirby Super Star Ultra, give me a break, okay?!

For the record, in my... erm... classified fan-relationship, most people just call King Dedede "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness". Kirby, however, calls him "King Dedede" when he first sees him in the morning, and "Dedede" for the rest of the day.
4 commentsNanabobo
Simple Wonders....1256 viewsKirby Super Star Ultra is supreme! I got my copy a few days ago, it's just plain amazing. (One picture on the gallery by an artist of a forgotten name, pardon me, drew a picture that reminds me of how me and my little brother keep fighting over turns.)

Sooo... yeah. Marx is one of my favorite Kirby villians ever, the Squeaks are close. Simple picture, but I'm kinda proud since I have only done "3-D styled coloring" a couple times before. ^_^ Sorry for not submitting in a long time.
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Drawcia1021 viewsIt's Drawcia!2 commentsMitaKnight
Drawcia!617 viewseeeee I'm such a Canvas Curse fan :']

I'm gonna just upload my newest things here because I am too lazy to upload them all here , My older fanarts are on my Sheezy page, It's linked in my profile.
Hope you guys like it <:
1 commentsTeionu
Drawcia's Soul813 viewsBlob of colorful awesomeness yes
Check out my other/older things at
my SheezyArt.
3 commentsTeionu
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