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Image search results - "canvas"
kirvby canvas curse422 viewsjust another little thing i did on my computer. 4 commentskirby123
Simple Wonders....1247 viewsKirby Super Star Ultra is supreme! I got my copy a few days ago, it's just plain amazing. (One picture on the gallery by an artist of a forgotten name, pardon me, drew a picture that reminds me of how me and my little brother keep fighting over turns.)

Sooo... yeah. Marx is one of my favorite Kirby villians ever, the Squeaks are close. Simple picture, but I'm kinda proud since I have only done "3-D styled coloring" a couple times before. ^_^ Sorry for not submitting in a long time.
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Drawcia1018 viewsIt's Drawcia!2 commentsMitaKnight
Drawcia!617 viewseeeee I'm such a Canvas Curse fan :']

I'm gonna just upload my newest things here because I am too lazy to upload them all here , My older fanarts are on my Sheezy page, It's linked in my profile.
Hope you guys like it <:
1 commentsTeionu
Drawcia's Soul813 viewsBlob of colorful awesomeness yes
Check out my other/older things at
my SheezyArt.
3 commentsTeionu
Essence of Canvas Curse5559 views9th in my "Essence of" series. Could this be the most color-filled picture yet? Kirby: Canvas Curse for the DS was one of the most original Kirby games in years. The vile sorceress Drawcia has turned Dreamland into her own corrupted world of paint, as well as transformed Kirby and his friends into rolling spheres, and the only way they can stop her is by drawing a magic rainbow pathway with the help of the Power Paintbrush. The games few bosses be Drawcia Sorceress/Soul, Paint Roller, Kracko/Jr, and Dedede.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirby Canvas Crash509 viewsThe Crash Kirby in Kirby Canvas Curse was pretty awesome! It looked cool when Kirby just explodes into several versions of himself and eliminates all the enemies on the screen!1 commentsgigarob_93
Crowded Canvas1061 viewsAdo's gonna need a bigger board.4 commentsBimblesnaff
Canvas Curse Koozer842 viewsKoozer from Revenge of the King, Canvas Curse style.5 commentsmetadoo
Ball Doo747 viewsBall Doo bouncin' around. I decided to do this one in Canvas Curse style because I think it fits the Ball ability very nicely.3 commentsmetadoo
Kaboola Canvas Curse Style682 viewsSimilar to my Orbservor picture, except in another style. I must have spent a good portion of the afternoon on it. I hope you guys like it. :)2 commentssuperyoshi888
Battle against Drawcia soul351 viewsa better picture i drew hope you like it, still kind of hard to see so anyway enjoy...Darkmattersamurai
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