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Image search results - "cape"
Final Fantasy Meta-Knight formes867 viewsI have to spell form with a 'e' thanks to Pokemon now. T.T

This was my contest entry for the Alternate Universe/ Brawl Contest over the MetaKnightClub on DeviantArt. <3
1 commentsRWMVG1DC
The Broken Dream City338 viewsA broken apart city in Dreamland. I'm bad at drawing buildings, so I took it one step at a time by destroying the city before drawing it.Nanabobo
A Dreamland View196 viewsI haven't decided where this is. Probably relatively close to Kirby's house, since there's a forest next to the rolling hills with the mountains in the background.Nanabobo
The Floating Scripts223 viewsWell, it was originally a picture of the rolling green hills of Dreamland changing into the starry desertscapes it is also known for. Too bad I didn't realize the paper was so thin.Nanabobo
Rolling Hills and Golden Paths262 viewsI felt like drawing a picture of Dreamland. And if you can guess what real-life place this picture was inspired by, I'll... I dunno, make a commission for you or something. Because it's near impossible to tell.1 commentsNanabobo
The Puff Bowl216 viewsI was reading about the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression here in America. And I started thinking about how there's occasionally open areas in Dreamland. And the beautifully coloured clouds. So I imagined a giant cloud of cotton candy sweeping through the red plains of Dreamland.Nanabobo
The Stalk Tower224 viewsA two-story tower with a giant beanstalk coming out of it. It just seems like the kind of thing you'd see in Dreamland, doesn't it?1 commentsNanabobo
Sand Canyon211 viewsI think this is the first recognizably based off Kirby thing I've done for the Dreamscapes page, isn't it? It is recognizable without the title, right?Nanabobo
Frozen Hillside268 viewsI'm sad to say this turned out better scanned than it did on paper, and it still didn't capture the beauty of Frozen Hillside. Such a majestic place, and with two beautiful songs!Nanabobo
Darkness lives...417 viewsPicture I made on my DS, using the Colors! drawing software.
IMPORTANT: I've made tutorial to Colors!, which I use to draw with DS. It can be found from Fumu's Tutorial Library in the Forums.
2 commentsGalacta Kirby
Looming Over the Sky...1318 viewsZero has risen again in my own Kirby Fan Game! Now he is 03, and he shall wreak havoc once again! He plans to destroy popstar (to get back at Kirby) by corrupting the eight leaders of the planet, causing utter chaos. 03 in this game can transform into 03 Paramatter, in which he occasionally does during cutscenes. Kirby must stop 03 by curing the eight leaders of popstar, and having each of them grant Kirby with a Star shard. When Kirby gets all eight, he can travel to Popstar's skies and fight 03. (03 stays watching over Popstar in the sky for the entire game.)

By the way everyone, keep in mind, this aint a real game, just my ideas of the most awesome Kirby game ever! So far, you've seen the storyline. There's more to come!
12 commentsKirazy
Galacta Kirby161 viewsAt last, it is here, my finest work on the DS yet. I present you... the Galacta Kirby!
Made on DS, using the Colors! homebrew.
1 commentsGalacta Kirby
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