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Image search results - "capsule"
Capsule-J, Wheelie, and Spary547 viewsJust some sketches of Kirby enemies done without any reference while I was at school.4 commentsDiddgery
Capsule J model981 viewsHere is the 3D model of Capsule J for KCCh. I'm pretty sure this is the final version, Minon hasn't told me otherwise yet... Anywho, Enjoy!5 commentsGBAKirbster2007
KCCh Allstar Intro *FULLY COLORED*2863 viewsTHATS RIGHT, ITS DONE! Well, kinda... ^^;
It still needs a ton of shading, but Mamthew and I will get to that as the time becomes available. Regardless, here is (most of) the cast of Kirby Cosmic Chaos, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Credit goes to Minon for the original Lineart and a majority of the new characters.
23 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Kirby - Capsule J21307 viewsSo yeah, I got my hands on the starving artist version of Flash.
There's so much I could do with this thing, I wish I had more time to do so...

Anyways, start off with a simple pic using the very nice tools it has, including pressure sensitivity.

Capsule J2's design grasped me pretty well when I first saw it. The only thing is that it replaces the original model J in KSSU, but otherwise, I find it a cool design.

Expect to see this WITH model J in KCCh
12 commentsMinon
Kopy Abilities --- Jet1688 viewsMy favorite so far! I really like how this one turned out! By the way, apparantly people feel sorry for the waddle dees I show being... murdered. Well too bad! That's the way I roll! Also, a hint for the secret Uncolored Bit, "You should be able to see it"!9 commentsKirazy
Capsule J203 viewsMy first Kirby related scan. I've never actually played Kirby Super Star, Capsule J just looked fun to draw. 1 commentsThe Muffin Lucario
Ripsaw Knight681 viewsRipsaw was Capsule J3's second IF Knight from the Round Knight Recruitment, and the only real one submitted to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans. (Yeah, I'm still doin' that, and the "only" should give a good indication as to my lack of motivation in said project.)
It looks much less like Togezo (for reasons of not looking like Togezo), and its moveset has been made much more in line with a Knight.
3 commentsMints
Rattatat446 viewsCapsule J3's entry in the Oversized Opponent IF contest.

Hey, nice! My first front page picture.
Capsule Js1502 viewsFull view'd be appreciated.

Gosh this one took a while.
I personally like Capsule J2's design more than J1. Love both of them and their ability though.

Bubbly Clouds is such a beautiful place on Popstar.
19 commentsMinon
Capsule I 172 viewsThe first in a series I'm making! I will make artwork of capsules ( Like capsule J/2 ) with other abilities!

Capsule I is the Ice capsule. I think I did good on it, except the colors of it's hands and feet being slightly exotic...
Capsule F155 viewsCapsule F, the fire capsule. I don't see any flaws in this picture, but I don't really like it's design. At least I'll have a chance to improve on it when capsule f2 is made!ghostmetaknight
Capsule F2158 viewsWell...that was quick...

Aw darnit I forgot to shade!
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