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Captain Waddle Doo1229 viewsI think Captain Waddle Doo is one of the cutest characters in the anime. His voice and nature are both simply brilliant. This is my remake of a scene seen in the anime. My question is: What is the scene and from what episode is it?

I even wrote the dialog so it would be easier to guess. (Although I couldn't find a font close enough to the one Ivyna used! What is that font called?)

Note: The pose/camera angle in the real and my version are separate.
10 commentsStarDust
A lot of them!1381 viewsAnother one!

This time I managed to draw a better background, so I didn't have to blur it. Waddle Doo looks a lot cuter in this pic I think. Still have no idea what the font should be, help me out...
15 commentsStarDust
Darkness in Dreamland1229 viewsA recent picture I did 2 days ago (April 1st) of Dark Matter and Dark Castle... My inspiration was the wicked Dark Castle remix I'm sure some of you remember... Ya know.. The one that was taken down... Sad... (I downloaded it so I'm not too sad.. But kinda sad nobody can get it there anymore)

Anyway I love Dreamland 2.. And Dark Matter... Especially Dark Matter...

Outlines Done in Macromedia Flash 8, Colored in Photoshop Elements 3.0
8 commentsEyeofCalamity
Long Live the King(fix)716 viewsDedede looks out of the castle to survey his kingdom.
I originally wanted him to look smug, but instead he came out looking strangely calm.
(Sorry about the reupload! I didn't know of any other way to upload a different image on top of this one. The thumb was in the wrong position, and needed to be fixed.)
5 commentsDynablade
Knight-time992 views6 commentsAdol
13-Year Celebration!831 viewsWell, I was particularly proud of this one, so I decided to upload it ^^; It's an early (anniversary is on May 15th) picture I made to celebrate Super Mario RPG's 13th anniversary (13 is not a special number, but I wasn't a fan by time the tenth anniversary was celebrated). Sooo... here you are.

Edit: Wow!! I am very shocked and happy to see this reach the front page!! Thank you all VERY much who have supported me throughout the time I have drawn here, KRR. You're all the best! ^_^
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
King Clash804 viewsDedede gets dejected from his throne, so who comes to his aid? Well, not Kirby for sure. That puffball couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. Luckily, the King does have a few still-faithful followers to help him out.

Another "proposed" fan game idea where the player gets to switch between using various famous faces from Dream Land from Kirby's rogue gallery. Will it ever happen? Of course not!
1 commentsBimblesnaff
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dreamland468 viewsThis actually didn't turn out terribly bad. The scale is a little off and some thing are a little squiggly but it ain't awful. I tried to go for the black and white style of KDL but now that I see it I might should add some shades of grey too.Efrite-o
NEW BOSS?!505 viewsUh-oh... looks like Kirby's gonna win...or vice-virsa...5 commentsAirride_Master
A Ghastly Ghost Party585 viewsI apologize, everyone at KRR, for not getting a Kirby-themed Halloween pic done in time!! I made this for STARMEN.NET's Halloween Funfest, and because I only had about a week left I had to make it quickly in time. If I'm able to, I'll still try and make a Halloweeny Kirby picture, even though the holiday's passed. (Surely SOME people are still in the spirit, right?!)

EDIT: Thanks Bimblesnaff and or Ometon for letting me on the front page again~!
2 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Building a Sandcastle767 viewsI was thinking about including King Dedede and Adeliene because I felt really bad leaving them out but... nah. Anyways this is my entry for the Fp challenge. The three are spending a day at Aqua Star. I hope you like.1 commentsScaarfii
Kirby Adventure Cast731 viewsThis is the cast to a Kirby sprite comic I'm making (It's on Smack Jeeves for those who wish to see it). I think it came out really good, I can only see minor faults and stuff. I also labeled the characters with their names.
Alright, here's the character info:

Kirby: The leader of 'Division A' of the Kirby Adventure Squad. He is very optimistic and is essentially ready for anything to happen.

Hali: The Director of the Kirby Adventure Squad, Hali sets all of the rules for the organization. She is also fairly strong and can assist in an operation if need be. (Hasn't Appeared Yet)

Shat'l: A white Kirby with psychic powers. While he is mostly shown with Divison A of the K.A.S., he really works for all the sections of the Squad. He is close friends with Kirby and Director Hali.

Keito: The second-in-command of Division A of the K.A.S. He likes to have fun and often breaks minor rules. Despite his rule-breaking, he hates and fears getting into trouble.

Shadik: A Kirby liason agent from the Mirror World. He is NOT the original Shadow Kirby, just a Mirror-World Kirby. He is very quiet and nobody has actually heard him speak before. He has a special Shadow Jump ability allowing him to teleport anywhere in the world.

Kaxo: A very angry Kirby who likes to cause pain and suffering onto others. He assigned onto the Squad for the free food and shelter. He's not really friendly with any other member of the team.

Saia: Another member of the K.A.S. Saia is very kind and rarely fights at all. She is friendly with all the members of the organization, even Aika. She harbors a secret crush on Raize.

Raize: A carefree Kirby who goes throughout life without worry. He gets scared easily, and so becomes the main prey for Kaxo.

Caiya: A Kirby who doesn't really pay attention to what's going on. She likes two things, mostly: Sleeping and doughnuts. She is fairly immature and silly, but she can be intelligent when she wants or needs to be. Which isn't often, but still.

Vezo: The newest member of the K.A.S. Vezo is very inexperienced and doesn't get many opportunities to show his true power. Vezo is also bullied a lot by Kaxo.

Aika: The leader of a separate section of the K.A.S., Divison C. She is very dependant on herself and thinks that she knows everything. Because of that, she rarely listens to others' advice. Since she thinks she is always right, she has also made herself the enemy of Divison A, Kirby's section of the squad.

Talzo: The main enemy of Divison A. He requested assistance of them once, but was turned down because of the details of the mission. This caused Talzo to strike back at them later on. He is very clever and manipulative. He is also very strong, and can beat all the members of the squad in a one-on-one fight.

There, I'm through. *whew*

2 commentsGalactic Knight 09
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