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Image search results - "chain"
Resident Evil 4 kirbies1411 viewsKirby is awesome, even in RE4.

Kirbies from left to right:
Leon Kirby, Ashley Kirby, Luis Kirby
Mendez (Village Chief) Kirby, Salazar Kirby, Saddler Kirby
Krauser Kirby, Ada Kirby, Wesker Kirby
Hunnigan Kirby, Dr. Salvador Kirby, Merchant Kirby
3 commentsMitaKnight
Meta Knights vs Red Knights1110 viewsI pretty much wanted to draw a bunch of the Meta Knights/Kirby game knights. You know, the cool ones who don't wear a cape. Mace, Javelin, Ax, Trident, Sword, Blade, and even the DL Knights of Blade not-a-knight, Butch, Masher, and Bukiset. They're in purple.
Then, the Red Knights from the contest, at least the ones I liked more/liked drawing/thought meshed with the others best, ie: were round, or at least drawn as such here: Scythe, Shock, Mortar, Whips, Disk, Slash, Scythe.
9 commentsBimblesnaff
Mace Knight in action531 viewsMacer is scheduled to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans, and was originally supposed to be one of the only canon Meta-Knights to appear in the game, solely to give Bogg his trusty spiked ball.
However, the underwhelming response of fan submissions has had me less than enthused about actually releasing it. Which reminds me, I gotta draw that guy, too. That's right -- just one.
Bogg 'n' Chain961 viewsI wanted a nice, evil picture of Squeaky Bogg with his spiked ball and chain. And, therefore, I did.
Water color pencils, ink.
7 commentsBimblesnaff
Red Reign Title Card674 viewsThe Rainbow Resort vanishes from the face of Dream Land. A sinister force has pulled the entire castle into a prism prison, the residents included. Now, it's up to Squeaky Bogg, Ometon, and others who escaped capture to save the day. They won't know what to expect, however, as the scarlet scare brought his own rogue's gallery.
A game? A comic? An interactive story? Beats me!
Moogong included for kicks (Mints), same with Cooky (Qtie4U), as they are both awesome and fitting fan characters.
2 commentsBimblesnaff
Kirby series/NORA287 viewsMy second pic for the site. This time, Kirby and Meta Knight try on NORA's hair and eyes...and Kirby 'stole' the chain...
with this picture, I tried one Kirby and Meta Knight focusing on the eye style, and another pair with Nora's hair. Drawn with a 0.7 mechanical pencil and yellow and red markers for the eyes. enjoy :D
Super Mario vs. Kirby1005 viewsMany famous characters from both the Mario and Kirby series. I don't too many ideas right now, so I hope this will do. And thank you KRR for putting this on the Fan Creation Showcase! :) It was an honor.3 commentsExplosive Kirby
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