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Image search results - "chan"
Resident Evil 4 kirbies1411 viewsKirby is awesome, even in RE4.

Kirbies from left to right:
Leon Kirby, Ashley Kirby, Luis Kirby
Mendez (Village Chief) Kirby, Salazar Kirby, Saddler Kirby
Krauser Kirby, Ada Kirby, Wesker Kirby
Hunnigan Kirby, Dr. Salvador Kirby, Merchant Kirby
3 commentsMitaKnight
Goomer class Verdans(designs by Minon)1248 viewsThe youngest class of Verdans, and also the most varied.
Until a certain point in their growth at this age, it is impossible to tell whether they are male or female. As they get older, they gradually grow a normal body and gain hands like the fully grown Verdans. They cannot keep the ability they were born with naturally after changing classes(with the exception of Mechanic), but they can (and sometimes do) artificially infuse their ability into a weapon that they then use in their new class form. Verdans cannot choose which class they will become, but since most Verdans are naturally happy with the form they change into, there are hardly any that create artificial means for being(or seek to learn how to fight as if they were) in another class.
There are exceptions here too of course, but that will have to wait until I finish some other Verdan pics.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Geek (original Lineart by Minon)1001 viewsGeek is quite an oddball, even for a Verdan. Still very young, comparable to Kirby's age, Geek is a Beam Goomer who has just started on the path to a class change. Despite being on opposing forces, Geek has a profound respect for Kirby, mostly for Kirby's ability to do so much despite his small stature. Though he was not born a Mechanic Goomer, Geek aspires to become one, and his intelligence and skill in the field are more than most naturally gifted Verdans. He often speaks with Malapropisms(Wiki it). 1 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Halberd Crew1421 viewsI did this one entirely by myself and am quite proud of it. ^-^
The Keke with the blue hair is Clara, who is hired to be the Halberd Crew's Head Nurse. She tends to be a tad annoying, especially to Meta Knight himself, since she gives almost EVERYONE nicknames, but she works hard.
and the Waddle Dee at the bottom is Watts(made by Minon), who is hired to be the Halberd Crew's Chief Mechanic. Appears to be lazy most of the time, but when he actually gets to work his expert craftsmanship is undeniable.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
BombMechaWater1620 viewsA try at the increasingly popular Japanese painter Sai. The watercolor brushes can turn out beautiful if done right.This one's not too bad, but not that great either.

And the stuff on here would be Bomb Kirby, Mechanic Waddle Dee riding a Trax Tank, and Splash Leolina.
Besides Bomb Kirby, the other two were thought out and made for KCCh.
Heavy Machinery1221 viewsI love pencil drawing detailed machines like this. There's that industrial sense that pulls me to it.

Heavy Lobster, as the name implies, is quite unique for a land mech as it's modelled after a ... lobster.

As you can see, this one is rather different from the usual one seen in KSS/KSSU, and sports a rideable cockpit, along with a few differences in design as well. This Ride Lobster will be seen in KCCh as part of one of the sub-games.
6 commentsMinon
Channel 1 - Mario Info Channel276 viewsI'm thinking about creating a little something called Video Game TV. It'll be about video game characters taking over TV. So the Rabbids are done messing with TV...or are they?

Here's Channel 1 - the Mario Info Channel. Sorry about the sloppy hat.
Rejected If's265 viewsKo(Pronounced Koh) and Stilt 'n' Change.they were rejected. see if you can guess which one they were in (different for both)Airride_Master
Don't Fall Back1284 viewsQuick Doodle

Medics need to be at full throttle, it's raining artillery fire.
6 commentsMinon
Dee, Dee, and Dee1042 viewsI believe Waddle Dees can be a threat too. They just choose not to.4 commentsMinon
Adeleine718 viewsAnother picture made by me for the FPC!
Adeleine (or Ado if you prefer - I think they're the same person and she's a girl :P) drawn in kawaii anime style.
The background is similar to the one made for the "Rainbow Rangers" picture (by me too), and I tried to draw it using the wonderful Kirby's Dreamland 3 painting-like style.
The character is a mix of the KDL3 and the Crystal Shards version, with a personal touch and some other inspirations.
I hope you like this!!
1 commentsIko-kun
KCCh Ability Avalanche942 viewsOh hey, I'm still alive if anyone remembers me.
And yes, Kirby Cosmic Chaos is still in the works, it's just a slow process with lots of obstacles we're pushing through.
Anyway, here is a big pic of every ability Kirby will be able to use in the game, including the blacked-out awesome hidden ones we're not going to talk about. About half of them are either entirely new or have new tweaks of our own design. This list is FINAL, no suggestions please.
3 commentsGBAKirbster2007
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