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Image search results - "chu"
Zero-Two meets Kirby1173 viewsOkay here is a cool pic which is 99% made by my friend, Mig. He gave me his permission to publish this picture here.
So here we have 0^2 and Kirby in 3D, asom right? And this looks so much better when you open it.
13 commentsKirbysfantotheend
SSBB Doodles - Yellow1263 viewsI was bored the other day...11 commentssilverlunar777
My Ultimate Pokemon Roster697 viewsYeah, no Kirby stuff, but that's because I've been putting all of my energy into finishing this. XD;;;

All of my favorite pokemon of every type. All 17 of them.

Poison: Gengar
Normal: Meowth
Psychic: Mew
Fire: Typhlosion
Rock: Aron
Electric: Raichu
Water: Wartortle
Ground: Larvitar
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Jirachi
Ice: Spheal
Flying: Togetic
Bug: Shedinja
Dark: Umbreon
Grass: Jumpluff
Dragon: Gible
Fighting: Riolu
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Kirbychu HR'D471 viewsThis is how I usually picture myself online. I was actually going to sign up for the gallery as Kirbychu, but I changed it. 2 commentskirby2
DOESN'T ANYONE--1020 viewsDone in commemoration of my 1,000 submission (deviations + scraps) on deviantArt! ^_^ And I reached it before my second deviantAnniversary! woot!6 commentsRWMVG1DC
Caramelldansen1074 viewsEveryone likes it.7 commentssilverlunar777
Chu Chu Pre-Official Art705 viewsI'm trying to get a feel for the style. Note that the Wind Waker-styled Adeleine has nothing to do with the project (although Adeleine will be involved at one point).

Anyway, I might as well explain the Fountain of Dreams Project now. Basically a future fan game similar to EarthBound with various Kirby characters. Though I'm giving it the name of Fountain of Dreams project, it is untitled for now. I am already working on sprites, but I just started. Let's just say you won't see it till 2015. D:
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
ChuChu The Octopus402 viewsThe little octopus that hangs around Kirby's head, and beating up Gooey.

o3o; Sorry if she looks evil here.
Gooey and Chuchu503 viewsPoor Chuchu!1 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
Kirby, Ribbon and Chuchu898 views1 commentsQtie4U
Pikasqueaker452 viewsA quick drawing that I had the urge to do for some reason. I decided to color and shade it (though the shading is hard to see) and, when all was done, noticed the outline was too bright. I went over the face's outline using a black color pencil, and the rest with a black pen, though you will see I made some mistakes, especially around the tail and ears. I honestly think that this is one of my better drawings, so expect something even greater once I start drawing in a larger sketchpad. (I used a tiny one.)3 commentssuperyoshi888
Happy Valentine's Day!1071 viewsLove is in the air!4 commentsKirazy
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