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Image search results - "cloud"
End of level game.1355 viewsThis one is one of my favourites. Kirby can go through so many platforms. (though I guess clouds make sense) I didn't shade this one.2 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Down the Rainbow and Through the Clouds1103 viewsI had to reduce the quality of this picture to be able to upload it. It's Parasol Kirby! My favourite copy ability... I think. Ugh, umbrellas are a pain to draw... x_x14 commentstundrarain
Meta Marx?1846 viewsThough it would never happen in the games, a Marx Vs. Meta Knight battle would be epic.27 commentsDynablade
Kracko662 viewsWatch him go crackity KRACK!

I had fun making the eye. <3
5 commentsPikmingirl
It feels like me on a good day860 views*sigh* It's been too long since I've been on oekaki last. =\

Title is based on song I was listening to.
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
Kamikaze Kracko Jr's Revenge625 viewsYou know that boss from Revenge of the King and The True arena who goes crazy and shocks you with contact 10,000 times? Well, I drew him. Badly.

PS: Those red things are Waddle Doos.
21 commentsShruggin' Rock
Bubbly Clouds687 viewsI accidentally named the file Cloudy Park. XD Yay Kracko~

I wonder what's he looking down to? :O
2 commentsPikmingirl
Hard Rain1074 viewsHello all! I am back, with a big new project! I am making what’s called “Kirby’s Greatest Hits Super Songbook”. It is basically a lot of Kirby tracks that I consider the greatest, put to words that I have written with an illustration (probably a painting like this) off to the side to help further convey the emotion of the songs/lyrics. It should be a real treat to Kirby fans. I, however, have not decided on what song to put to this picture. Can anyone give suggestions? By the way, sorry for all of the depressed/sorrowful pieces lately; expecting very, very happy pictures coming soon! :-P 19 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
The Joy of Spring1124 viewsThis is a simple piece reflecting a happy, playful and tranquil mood while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the presence of the clouds. It is for the Dream Land 3 portion of the album; and I believe the song this is for plays in stages 1-2, 1-5, and 4-6. Sometimes you feel like a cloud, just gracefully floating on the wind without a thought.

By the way, you are free to use this picture to comment on the project, ask questions, take requests, etc.!
35 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Co(usin) Kracko879 viewsThe first full fledged fan concept I came up with was spawned by a simple trend spotting. Kracko was a boss who was a mass of something with a big eye and yellow things around his perimeter. Dark Matter, too, was a boss who was a big blob of something with one big eye and yellow things around him, too.
By my math, that meant there should be many large masses of quasi-elemental things each with one eye and differently shaped yellow things around their middle! Earth, fire, and water to Kracko's sky!
4 commentsBimblesnaff
Dark Night in Dreamland526 views3 commentsMeta
Cloud Kirby854 viewsProbably for the contest. Though I normally dislike to, I felt that coloring was necessary for contest submission. My coloring isn't much, but it does the job.
The clouds in this picture look really bubbly, but hey - Bubbly Clouds. It's natural in the Kirby world!
3 commentskrackocloud
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