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Image search results - "colour"
You can do magic362 viewsI heard this song on the raido one day and it reminded me of magic Kirby- I think it was called You Can Do Magic- I don't know it was a long time ago I'm just getting around to putting it up, actually I drew it last winter. Done with coloured pencils and lots of use with the blending pencil. It looks alot more blended in real life... Kinda dissappointed with the scan.2 commentsStar Sapphire
Cold as Ice373 viewsI did this pictue in the middle of winter. I remember while I was working on it there was snow falling and this song came on the radio - I think it was called Cold as Ice anyway it was perfect for this picture. I used coloured pencils for most of the drawing and pastel for the body to give it an even light blue.1 commentsStar Sapphire
Colour full!391 viewsI`m back again! And another test of a new drawing tool!

I never draw this before. A colourfull pic! Ohh... that application is really great.. Owwe! Thanks to Twistedbrush studio! i really liked!

And i guess is my better pic. Whatever...
3 commentsMix in marx
Atmosphere slide640 viewsThis weekend i try this and i draw how fun..

Yeah, the Atmosphire slide is long...way.. slide.. It is in FX mall (Find google!) Ohh... the high it about 7 floor from the mall! And you will slide about 70 km/h. The time only need 11-12 seconds fron above to bottom.. The slide really colourful!

Okay.. Actually in the mall there aren`t have a TV yet.. Because the space is suck.. Uhh..

5 commentsMix in marx
Kirby's loves his veggies!513 viewsI drew this in a car trip when I was bored, because I've been playing pickmin again recently so yah. also I didn't notice before but this picture some what resembles the front cover of Pikmin.2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Clean Kirby777 viewsIt´s been a while since I drew something here, I really missed Kirby. I´m sending this to a Massive Kirby Collaboration, you can read more of it here: Hope you like it!2 commentsgerugeon
Hot Spook In the Dark265 viewsImage one of two for my IF contest submission. This is Hot Spook (Cool Spook with fiery eyes, and some other features) in the dark, before Kirby does anything to it.pogman
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