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Image search results - "comic"
Kirby Ice Cream Comic + Retributive Justice! : D950 viewsI drew this comic panel by panel in my agenda when I was bored in class... Kirby gets his retributive justice! and more importantly... his ICE CREAM!9 commentstundrarain
Kirby of the Stars887 viewsA Kirby comic I'm making. 6 commentsLeah
Kirby and the Hot Sauce1609 viewsI got inspiration for this one after I tried Tobasco sauce and almost died. I did this one a couple years ago. (Wow. I didn't realize how old it is!) Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.14 commentsPink Power
soup knights1031 viewsInspired by Dal's comic 47.

I'm mad that KRR art gallery doesn't allow images bigger than 20000pixel height. :C Sorry if it's all screwy, because MS Paint pixels do not resize well.
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
Dance Competition507 viewsHere's a first glance at the characters from... By now it might be a little obvious, but it's still classified. Well, Kirby is showing off to Dedede his awesome dance. Dedede and PD have been planning a little something, though...

Thanks to Ian, my good friend in college, for arranging my doodles into a comic frame. I wish I had a program that could resize pictures well enough for that...

And don't mention where the altered name of the dance came from. Yes, it's based off Waddle Dee Army.
Fan of Smash Bros.557 viewsYou never see King Dedede interacting with his friends much. I want to see how he reacts to the antics of them- and them to his. Here we see what happens when you and two others from your planet grant rights to a video game company to use your image.

Thanks again to Ian for putting my doodles into sequence. It helps a lot.
A Brief Candy Break609 viewsYes. I went with the stereotypical hyper Kirby joke. I'm getting anticipatory about Kirby Super Star Ultra, give me a break, okay?!

For the record, in my... erm... classified fan-relationship, most people just call King Dedede "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness". Kirby, however, calls him "King Dedede" when he first sees him in the morning, and "Dedede" for the rest of the day.
4 commentsNanabobo
Emo Falspar is Emo680 viewshttp://demandincompensation

This was a joke with Dal and a random oekaki doodle. I forgot to upload it here when I went on my internet hiatus weeks ago. xD
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
The Insanity of Marx1356 viewsRandom personified comic I made in MS Paint.
I had to resize it a bit because it was too big, though.
8 commentsBasil-Ovelby
Tribute to the New Guy1046 viewsThis is the first in my series of tributes. I will be making tributes to the excellent artists here. I started with The New Guy. I made a tribute to his comic series, "Kirby and Friendsa" I love Kirby and friends, so I was eager to make a tribute for him! What do you all think? Tell me if you want a tribute to your artwork.

To read The New Guy's comic series, click HERE. ...or you could just search Kirby and Friends.
21 commentsTheorizer
Roxy199 viewsKirby-4-ever
random Kirby comic2065 viewsBased off of a really old Kirby comic I made, probably back in '02.4 commentstorkirby
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