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computer kirby638 viewscomputer kirby6 commentsKirby<(*o*)>
kirby on the computer924 viewsSafety, safety,safety, and safety.5 commentsNCStudios
Great Red Dragon384 viewsYay, finally I have something of decent quality in my gallery. Anyway, for you people not in the know, Great Dragon (or Red Dragon as he is called in the original KSS) is the third phase of the harder version of the Computer Virus Boss fight, and probably the second hardest of the five (Evil Knight is harder to me). (This was done in hand, then edited with MSPaint.)
2 commentsShruggin' Rock
Matrix Kirby634 viewsI just got an idea about kirby as a film star. So, this is first of my "Film Kirby" series. By the way, "Kirby What If" series is cancelled.5 commentsGalacta Kirby
Kirby's "Super" Compilation476 viewsFinally, my first uploaded work to a fan site! Took me long enough. Anyway, these are characters that should be familiar to you. If not, shame on me. Kirby is behind the King wearing a easy going fruit suit/jacket. He's also equipted with a warp star for obvious reasons. Meta Knight is using his cape to protect himself, for that cool look of his. Adeleine is on the far left making an ecentric piece of hers. Our favorite mastermind, Marx, is annoyed by our cutest fairy in the Kirby series, Ribbon, with her happy, loving desposition. Dark Matter is in the back in Zero 2 form, for the reason that he appears a lot for a final boss other than the De. Ado is on the far right, and has made his own piece for this piece(yes, I do think there are differences between Ado and Adeleine). This piece was done in black n' white, because it was done on Manga Studio Debut 3.0. And if you're wondering why Marx doesn't have his wings, lets just say they would be an interference with the rest of the characters(maybe that's the reason why he's not so happy with Ribbon).2 commentsScreffy
INTERNET1609 viewsThe things that have been seen cannot be unseen.12 commentsDemi
Keeby!!516 viewsMy 2nd Kirby sculpt of "Keeby" Kirby's yellow friend and a competitor in almost every minigame!3 commentsheyitskirby
MonoKrome's Electech291 viewsI made a picture of it because there is no picturekirbystar9245
The Kirby Race426 viewsJust a simple little picture I drew in MS Paint. Nothing else needs to be said, except Green Kirby owns the others. :)Galactic Knight 09
Purple Kirby450 viewsA simple drawing of Purple Kirby I made in MS Paint. He/She's saying hi to you. Say hi back!1 commentsGalactic Knight 09
Kirby Might Need a New Computer690 viewsA 404 cover I made in five minutes. I drew a better version, but my scanner's broke.kirby123
The work of NOVA538 viewsI get somewhat mad that NOVA would grant a stupid wish like Marx's. What's the point of taking over the world anyway?4 commentsAero
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