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Image search results - "con"
Meta Knight Emote Progression949 viewsAs you can see, from scratch. I'll probably work on more poses and stuff too. :36 commentsRWMVG1DC
Got Milk?1168 viewsWow! This picture feels ancient to me! I did this one for a school assignment a couple years ago. I can't remember where I got the inspiration for this one....hmm. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use without permission.12 commentsPink Power
Brawl Hijinks Doodle725 viewsJust a little piece inspired by playing Brawl. Kirby always seems to beat Meta Knight without even trying.7 commentswaddleDoReMi
Con611 viewsNo Pon, sorry. I was going to include Pon but I didn't make the canvas large enough for him when I was drawing this on the oekaki.

For this picture I did some experimentation with watercolors - I tried to make a picture using nothing but watercolors. I think it turned out okay, but I could do better.
Fright-Light4327 viewsThis is my second entry in Bimblesnaff's second Fan-Creation contest. This time, the character is totally original (mostly) and took a lot of thought to both design and plan moves for, so I would guess that it would be a good candidate for voting. I thought about not officially entering another, as I had won the first contest already, but I have reconcidered since this came out so well. This miniboss is based on the Chochin-Obake Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore, and rewards Kirby with the Light Ability.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Scarfy Concept Art560 viewsWhat's a faster way to ruin an image than picking up a nib pen for the first time in a year? Picking up a brush for the first time in years on the same picture. Fortunately, like the bag o' confidence I am, I scanned the pre-painted so that something could be saved, no matter how little that may be.
Scarfy -- an enemy on my short list -- in his Hyde mode, which is significantly more snarly than he appears in the real games.
8 commentsMints
Falcon Punch369 viewsKirby versus Captain Falcon.

he is losing :(
Kirby Holding the Star Rod1003 viewsI used Photoshop to make it yellow and look like a chalk/charcoal drawing. The scanner did not catch some of the light shading or lens flare I drew.
4 commentsAdol
Mortar - for the create a knight contest853 viewsMortar! You can read about him HERE. Bimblesnaff, please put a link to this on the Knights of the Round Table submitted page! Thanks a ton, Uncle Gobbo!2 commentsTheorizer
Spade Knight597 viewsSpade Knight is my entry for the Knight contest. For details on his attacks, see the page when it has been updated. I did this in Colors! because I really didn't feel like scanning or drawing on paper today. Inspiration for his armor came from Bukiset, Blade Knight, Masher, and Meta Knight, while his weapon is a Monk's Spade. They are Chinese weapons based on the shovels Buddhist Monks carried around in Ancient China.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Whip Knight496 viewsFor the knight contest.
I am new here, but I'll mainly be using the gallery for my contest pics.
Not meant to look aethestic. It's just a scanned, traced, and colored picture.

EDIT: Woohoo!
Whip Knight is #1 in ratings, #2 in nominations, and #2 in the recruit!
3 commentskrackocloud
Shock Knight374 viewsAnother knight contest entry, I suppose.
I actually think that this one looks better than Whip Knight, but since this knight uses a taser, he's not very believable.

Like other contest pictures, these aren't meant to look that great. They are simply scanned, traced, and colored.
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